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October 12, 2013
Excellent pen and a worthy...
Excellent pen and a worthy replacement for the Morning Glory Mach 2 which was my favorite rollerball which JetPens no longer sells, at least as of this date. The Mach 2 was very popular and ranked first in the JetPen popularity ranking and it had many excellent reviews.

Mach 2 vs. Mach 3
As far as appearance, the Mach 3 is a completely different design from the Mach 2. The Mach 3 is lighter with a much fancier overall design with a shiny clip and a clear plastic section. I liked the understated look of the Mach 2 better.

Thankfully the Mach 3 has the same super smooth nib that the Mach 2 was famous for. Although the Mach 3 is now .38 vs. the Mach 2 which was .40. I was surprised at how noticeable the difference in line width is, at least on high quality Clairefontaine paper. The Mach 3 line is much thinner, which for me is perfect and I prefer it to the old Mach 2 .40 line width. Amazing that such a small difference in rollerball size can be this noticeable...maybe it's just me.

I think the price is the same as the old Mach 2. So the Morning Glory pens continue to be a bargain for such a smooth nib with excellent ink flow.

If you liked the Mach 2, you will like the Mach 3, assuming you like a thinner line and don't mind the slightly fancier look and slightly lighter feel. Still the best needle point rollerball, in my opinion. Hope this helps.

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November 6, 2013
Great all around Roller...
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Great all around Roller Ball Pen.
If you need to fill up the cart for that free shipping.
Toss this one in.

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November 22, 2014
Absolutely love this...
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Absolutely love this pen! I love the grip feel, the roller ball point, and just the ink distribution of the pen.

November 22, 2014
Love it. Flows smoothly,...
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Love it. Flows smoothly, lasts a long time, and the blue-black ink can be used to mark student papers that are written in either blue or black... distinctive enough to be seen, but not the "screaming red pencil" effect I try to avoid.

November 22, 2014
Not a bad pen, but quite...
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Not a bad pen, but quite scratchy, even on Rhodia paper. For those who enjoy a scratchy pen, it's a decent choice, but it could be a touch better balanced. Not exactly off weight, but it just doesn't sit perfectly right. Strangely, the different colors of ink actually write differently, with purple being the best we have found thus far.

November 11, 2014
I like this pen a lot...
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I like this pen a lot - feels quite precise, smooth, and consistent. The 0.38 is a nice width. I like this pen almost as much as my Rapid-O-Graph 0.30, which is high praise indeed.

November 11, 2014
Loved the Mach 2, and...
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Loved the Mach 2, and the Mach 3 seems just as good. I'm a fan of liquid ink/rollerball pens, and this is one of the best. Smooth writing with a fine line that just works.

November 11, 2014
I love the morning glory...
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I love the morning glory pens, use them all the time! Nice and fine- takes some breaking in- for eloquent writing.

November 10, 2014
Great color, very sm...
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Great color, very smooth.

November 9, 2014
Very nice bright colored...
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Very nice bright colored ink. Strong, extra fine needle tip!