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  A no-nonsense, good quality,..., November 14, 2011
A no-nonsense, good quality, well-priced hardworking pen. I picked this pen up on a whim on my last order and was pleasantly surprised at ti's performance. The 0.4 mm feels like it's actually 0.4. My experience with needle point pens is that they are scratchy and the tips can sometimes feel fragile. The morning glory has a sturdy needle point that I'm not afraid to put a bit of pressure on and writes surprisingly smooth (on bulk 3-ring binder paper and standard printer paper at least).

The design of the pen is simple and straightforward. There is no grip but it doesn't seem to get slippery when I'm writing for extended periods like some pens do. The metal clip does not hurt the web of my hand between thumb and forefinger as some metal clips do (I have large-ish hands, so this can be an issue for me).

The ink is a nice dark black, and writes smoothly, doesn't skip and writes the first time every time yet it does not seem to bleed through the paper very much. The pen can be left uncapped for a while (for example, when taking notes in class) without any threat of drying or skipping ink.

Overall, I found the morning glory mach II 0.4 mm liquid ink pen surprised me with the quality and usability. Before ordering it, I had not heard of this type of pen, but I'm glad I got it. Add this pen to your next order - you won't regret having this hard worker in your arsenal!
  Excellent pen! The ink..., September 14, 2011
Excellent pen! The ink flows through smoothly while you're writing so you don't get any breaks. Definitely worth it for the price.
  LOVe these pens! Great..., September 10, 2011
LOVe these pens! Great price great for writing notes in places with limited room (like a page with 6 slides printed out per page lol
  The best everyday pens..., September 7, 2011
The best everyday pens ever! I love these. They are similar to a Pilot V5, only better. I'm thinking of buying these in bulk and giving them away.
  Second time buy it!..., April 17, 2011
Second time buy it!
  I like this pen but it..., January 5, 2011
By hel...
I like this pen but it bleeds through some types of paper.. other than that it writes smoothly and it's pretty cheap too :)
  This is a great pen that..., January 2, 2011
This is a great pen that usually writes fantastically but some drawbacks hold it back from being a perfect pen. The pen can be a little scratchy on harder and dryer paper, but it always performs well on softer paper. The ink will last seemingly forever, I bought 3 of them 1 year ago due to their cheap price and I'm only halfway through the second one. Overall one of the greater liquid ink pens I have used. There are some leakage issues into the grip over time but it is not enough to be problematic towards the pen or the ability to use the pen. Overall a very fantastic pen. Thank you JetPens.
  Fantastic pen, on most..., December 18, 2010
By dan...
Fantastic pen, on most writing surfaces. I'll be honest. I am a ballpoint guy on most papers, but then I got a real notebook (40-80Lb stock) and the Mach II REALLY shines on this, a complete pleasure to write with, and at the price cant be beat.
  The Morning Glory Mach..., August 19, 2010
The Morning Glory Mach II is a really solid bread and butter everyday pen. It puts ink on the paper like nobody's business, and that's what pens are typically for, so there you go. It's not quite as precise as some gel pens I use (Pentel Slicci for the most part) but the super smooth flow more than makes up for it, and it's more precise than many other pens anyway.

Then of course, consider the price. Best deal on here, perhaps.
  I loved this pen when..., May 6, 2010
I loved this pen when I first ordered it -the ink flow was very smooth. However, about 1/5 of the way down some of the ink from the main cartridge leaked into the front grip area and the ink got really skipping and light greyish - i'd have to write slow to make the ink come out. IDK if anyone else has this problem, but it was really good until then.
  A great pen at an inexpensive..., April 10, 2010
By kee...
A great pen at an inexpensive price. It writes nicely and the flow is regular. I definitely recommend this pen.
  LOVE this pen. Easy to..., March 18, 2010
LOVE this pen. Easy to write with, nice thin line, but it's very vivid and thus easy to read. My hand wrighting also got alot better with this pen. Just with they made ones with a better grip and make it slightly longer
  You can write tiny with..., March 9, 2010
By xxj...
You can write tiny with these and the colors are vivid! Very nice pens. I ended up buying all colors.
  Really nice pen, it could..., January 19, 2010
By ton...
Really nice pen, it could easily be an everyday pen for notes and the such. Writes so fluidly and cleanly! It writes a bit wet but as long as you keep a normal writing pace, there's virtually no bleeding. Really nice smooth tip that's fairly fine. Even hours of writing barely makes a dent in the ink supply! A great value!