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When ever you need a...
May 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
When ever you need a double sided tape this is perfect! it is not so tacky that you cannot move it once you place two pieces of paper together. I have used up at least 2 refills so far and I love how it works. It so easy to place tape right where you want it. I use it in conjunction with the Envelope templates that you can get here at JetPens. They have really fantastic stuff here. I am quite happy with the products that they carry. The only downside to this product is that it does not have more tape included in it. 13m goes ever so quickly once you find out what you can use it for. :D

This Dispenser has a spring loaded release point. it makes putting the tape on paper so very easy. It is unlike any product I have purchased before. Definitely worth every penny.
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Fun and handy way to...
September 10, 2015
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Fun and handy way to glue paper. I like these for my home-made envelopes.
This is my first time...
June 19, 2015
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This is my first time purchasing a Tape dispenser of this kind and I have to say that I'm really impressed! I didn't think that the adhesive was strong enough to hold heavier paper stock together but it does. I like that I have the option between drawing a line of adhesive or a little square of it.
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