Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bag - Beige

Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bag - Beige

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The AP-03 features two removable bags on a waist strap. The pouches can be removed, worn separately or together.

From the busy streets of Tokyo, JetPens is proud to bring you the stylish and popular urban bag line Nomadic. Japan, with its dense population and complicated subway lines, creates the need for bags that can withstand crowds, walking and maneuvering. Hidden and/or easily accessible pockets, bags that stay close to your body, and durable material are all critical for such travelers. Visit any department store in Japan and you will see that Nomadic is famous for its very functional and practical line of day bags ideal for metropolitan travel. JetPens is excited to introduce this line to our US customers!

The AP-03 Moving Option bag is an apron type waist pouch that features an amazing number of pockets despite its small size. Snug style fits your body well and is great for crowded commutes.

Dimension (per each pouch; 2 pouches total): 17 cm (H) X 13 cm (W) X 3 cm (D)

Material: The name for this material is \"rip stop\", which means it doesn't rip. The material is the same one that is used for parachutes, which is light and strong. The surface has a water proof treatment and Polyurethane processing on the back side, making the bag waterproof.

Compartment features:

1) Zipper pocket for snack
2) Nylon pocket for various cards
3) Zipper pocket with flap for lighter
4) Small pocket for chap-stick
5) Nylon pocket for digital camera
6) Free space for small book
7) Holder for pens
8) Pocket train tickets
9) Free space for wallet
10) Nylon pocket for pass case
11) Nylon pocket for pocket tissue (travel size)
12) Pocket for cell phone

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Customer Reviews

This little contraption...
March 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
This little contraption is quite convenient. As always, I expected this to be a little bigger than what it really is. When it said that it fits a small pocketbook, they really meant SMALL. You can just fit an adult asian man's hand in its large pockets. It's not bad though, I'm fitting it with I intended it to fit anyway: my major art pens and pencils (plus extra!). :)

Now, first off the list: the color is more khaki than beige, I would say. So it goes amazingly with green cargo pants, jeans or even black/khaki/formal slacks (cheesey though :P) so no worries with matching it with clothes.

Second, the belt it comes with is rather short. At least for how I 'intended' it to look like. It fits right on but I wanted it to sort of hang down a little instead of be up on my waist so I will end up using one of my own simple belts to pull it off.

Compartments are very useful, like the chapstick/lip balm area and the numerous pockets, but ultimately, it doesn't fit more than essentials.

**Do NOT read on if you do not intend to read with an open mind**

Lastly, to all the guys out there who are afraid of wearing one due to "discrimination" (refer to reviews on other colors), don't sweat it. Wear it with pride. Make a statement. Most people who give you negative comments is due to their want to look cool or stand out too so they resort to retorts instead. :P Trust me, I've been thru it before. Now many people respect me with what I like to wear as odd as it may be. :) And of course, you've got your friend to back you up.
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this is fantastic for...
July 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
this is fantastic for plane travel! i wear it to hold my iphone and wallet on me when i am moving around on the plane! it looks cool too! if you are not comfortable wearing it around your waist, wear the strap around your shoulder. each pocket serves as a great compartment organizer for your larger bags. both colors complement any wardrobe! buy before it's gone!