Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bag - Black

Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bag - Black

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The AP-03 features two removable bags on a waist strap. The pouches can be removed, worn separately or together.

From the busy streets of Tokyo, JetPens is proud to bring you the stylish and popular urban bag line Nomadic. Japan, with its dense population and complicated subway lines, creates the need for bags that can withstand crowds, walking and maneuvering. Hidden and/or easily accessible pockets, bags that stay close to your body, and durable material are all critical for such travelers. Visit any department store in Japan and you will see that Nomadic is famous for its very functional and practical line of day bags ideal for metropolitan travel. JetPens is excited to introduce this line to our US customers!

The AP-03 Moving Option bag is an apron type waist pouch that features an amazing number of pockets despite its small size. Snug style fits your body well and is great for crowded commutes.

Dimension (per each pouch; 2 pouches total): 17 cm (H) X 13 cm (W) X 3 cm (D)

Material: The name for this material is \"rip stop\", which means it doesn't rip. The material is the same one that is used for parachutes, which is light and strong. The surface has a water proof treatment and Polyurethane processing on the back side, making the bag waterproof.

Compartment features:

1) Zipper pocket for snack
2) Nylon pocket for various cards
3) Zipper pocket with flap for lighter
4) Small pocket for chap-stick
5) Nylon pocket for digital camera
6) Free space for small book
7) Holder for pens
8) Pocket train tickets
9) Free space for wallet
10) Nylon pocket for pass case
11) Nylon pocket for pocket tissue (travel size)
12) Pocket for cell phone

Customer Reviews

This is the dorkiest...
December 12, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is the dorkiest thing I've ever owned, and this is coming from someone who regularly spends embarrassing amount of money at jetpens - multiple times a year. It's super convenient, especially if your job is something that requires you to carry around all sorts of tools, writing implements, notebooks, etc. I have only worn 1 pouch at a time, and I've fit 3 tools, 5+ pens, wallet, mini-notebook, tissues, and candy into it, with room to spare! It is ridiculously dorky-looking, but that's a cost-benefit analysis for you to do on your own.
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This is an awesome product...
December 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is an awesome product if you are someone who needs to be able to carry a multitude of items while keeping your hands free to do tasks. I am a nurse and use this to carry the many small items (pens, note pads, paper clips, pill envelopes, med cups, hand wipes, etc.) that I need while working.
I also have a dog rescue and need to carry a variety of items to reward, medicate, and clean up after the little ones here.
I bought three of these bags and am very pleased with how my tasks are now easier to carry out.
I LOVE these and would recommend them.
It doesn't matter to me that fanny packs aren't "IN" anymore. This is really an organizer, and so superior to the old fashioned fanny packs.
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I agree that fanny packs...
May 31, 2010
Verified Purchase
I agree that fanny packs are less than chic here. We actually bought this to put two water bottles into. That type of specialized fanny pack is expensive so we decided to get this one and sometimes we use it for bottles or when we are hiking and need to bring a monocular, camera, etc and want to keep our hands free. Since you can space the pouches in different ways it really can adapt to your needs on a particular trip. As with all of these bags, it is well made and just great to use.
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This is the best thing...
April 20, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is the best thing I've ever owned. Period.
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Handy little beast, I'm...
September 17, 2010
Verified Purchase
Handy little beast, I'm using it while I work at the hospital. I can clip this on a fill it with thing that won't fit in my coat pocket. I don't lose my chap stick in my coat pockets any more!
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