Nomadic BC-51 Biz Comp Brief Tote - Navy

Nomadic BC-51 Biz Comp Brief Tote - Navy

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The Biz Comp Brief Tote is packed with handy zippered pockets for efficiently storing all of your work, school, and commuting essentials in one easy-to-carry bag. The main compartment can hold notebooks, binders, or other large items. Two quick-access pockets on the top of the bag can be used to hold gum, ID cards, or other small items. Four slim pockets on the front can be used to hold keys, smaller notebooks, or memo pads. The back has a large pocket for magazines or slim notebooks, as well as padded slots for phones, cameras, travel drives, and other accessories. Two side pockets can carry a compact umbrella and water bottle.

The bag can be carried as a shoulder bag or with its handles and features metal feet so that it can stand up safely on the floor. It is made of Cordura R nylon fabric, known for its strength, durability, and tear resistance. A polyurethane surface treatment provides water resistance.

The adjustable shoulder strap on the bag has a shoulder pad, making the bag more comfortable to carry. The shoulder pad is fixed in place, so you don't have to worry about it shifting around. The underside of the shoulder pad is made of breathable mesh, and the strap length can be adjusted from both sides.

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I bought this for my...
September 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this for my husband, but I'd also bought the Wise Walker, and gave him the choice of which one he would use. He glommed onto the Wise Walker and never looked back. This has mostly sat off to the side, lonely and abandoned. I've used it more than the husband has, for study group sessions when I don't want to lug everything I own like I do for my normal classes, and I like the bag immensely. It has a ton of storage, and I always get lots of compliments about it when I bring it with me.

I know, too, that it won't stay lonely for long, because I'll probably find plenty of uses for it when I start teaching. Right now, I'm carrying a lot of heavy textbooks of idiotic American super-sizes that don't always fit well in this A4 bag (seriously, who creates textbooks that are bigger than normal 1.5 inch binders?). That's why it's become my study session bag. When I'm teaching though, this bag will become a life saver. It's light enough to be casual, but looks classy enough for professional settings. It has metal feet on the bottom, so that it will stand up well like a briefcase, and not get dirty or scuffed on the bottom, which will definitely increase the longevity of the bag. The strap on this bag is far--far--superior to that of the old Wise Walker bag. It's entirely adjustable, and, best of all, detachable, so if the strap ever wears out, you can always replace it. Again, this gives the bag more longevity than the Wise Walker. It also has handles, so you can carry it like a briefcase if you want.

Unlike other Nomadic bags, this one has a subdued greenish grey interior that is professional and classy, but it is harder to see things inside of it than the vivid orange of their other bags. It took some getting used to after carrying the Wise Walker a few times. It's still a Nomadic bag, though, through and through, with more pockets and pockets inside pockets than a body knows what to do with. You can carry your laptop, changes of clothes, iDevices, pens, notebooks, passport, documents, papers--you name it, it will not only go in here, but it probably has a pocket set aside for it. If you're an organization freak, Nomadic makes your bag, guaranteed. OCD types simply cannot go wrong here.

This is not a bag that you want to fold up and put in a locker. I don't think it will fold up, because the bag is probably the most rigid that Nomadic makes right now. It's the This is the bag you carry when you're more serious than a college student. It's what you carry once you get a job at last.

This is the briefcase for you if you need a bag that's professional and classy, but you're still young or have zero interest in being 100% corporate. It seems to conform to a button down office...but it doesn't. Not really. It still has pizzazz and personality. That's the best part about it.
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I've used other nomadic...
June 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
I've used other nomadic bags before. At first they look small, but all the pockets make it a true bag of holding. I kind of miss the flap of a messenger bag, but the zipper on top makes it easy to reach for things without a loud velcro. It my new EDC.
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The item is pricey, but...
August 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
The item is pricey, but I absolutely love it. It has 10 different zippered compartments/pockets. The ones on the sides can hold a water bottle and compact umbrella... effectively isolating them so that your papers and things won't get wet (I was using a backpack before this, and the condensation on my water bottles always got things a little damp in there, so I love this feature.) It's brilliantly designed and helps me keep organized. I'm glad I bought it!
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Love this bag, well made...
May 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love this bag, well made and I think it will stand up to a beating. Love the pockets.
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