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Nomadic CB-01 Wise-Walker Multi Compartment Day Backpack - Navy


Nomadic CB-01 Wise-Walker Multi Compartment Day Backpack - Navy - NOMADIC ECB 01 NAVY
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From the busy streets of Tokyo, JetPens is proud to bring you the stylish and popular urban bag line Nomadic. Japan, with its dense population and complicated subway lines, creates the need for bags that can withstand crowds, walking and maneuvering. Hidden and/or easily accessible pockets, bags that stay close to your body, and durable material are all critical for such travelers. Visit any department store in Japan and you will see that Nomadic is famous for its very functional and practical line of day bags ideal for metropolitan travel. JetPens is excited to introduce this line to our US customers!

The Nomadic CB-01 Wise-Walker is a day pack that's all about storage and convenience . The ends of the shoulder belts have two different sized pockets. A ticket or card can be removed from these pockets without taking off the backpack (i.e. you can keep your backpack on your back while taking out a ticket). The bigger pocket (13) is ideal for train/bus pass (credit card size) and the smaller pocket (13) is perfect for train tickets. On the back right hand side there is a hidden pocket (12) for a wallet. Its a secure pocket because it rests against your body. You can also take the wallet in and out without putting the bag down. To make it easy to put on or take off the backpack, there is a buckle on the left shoulder belt which can be fastened and unfastened. The bag also features a removable chest belt for comfort.

Dimension: 40 cm (H) X 24 cm (W) X 19 cm (D)

Compartment features:

1) Free space can store an A4 file. Inside, there is a mesh pocket with a zipper and a lock hole for safety. (Lock is sold separately)
2) Mesh zipper pocket for bank statement notebook/insurance card
3) Free Space X 2 for small book/ bible size system notebook/DVD with case
4) Mesh pocket for CD/Photos
5) Mesh tack pocket X 2 for cell phone/snack/candy
6) Free space for small book
7) Zipper pocket for MD Walkman
8) Mesh tack pocket for 500ml water bottle
9) Zipper pocket for lunch/rain coat
10) Pen older
11) Mesh tack pocket for folding umbrella
12) Zipper pocket for wallet
13) Nylon pocket for train ticket/ various cards

Material: The name for this material is "rip stop", which means it doesn't rip. The material is the same one that is used for parachutes, which is light and strong. The surface has a water proof treatment and Polyurethane processing on the back side, making the bag waterproof.

Bag dimensions: 40 cm high x 24 cm wide x 19 cm deep (expanded).

Our friend over at the PenAddict offers a thorough review of the bag and has in-action pictures of the bag on a 6' 1" frame:

Shipping Weight24.00 oz
Exterior Color Navy
Features Commuter-Friendly, Compact Backpack, High Organization Capability, Water-Resistant
Interior Color Orange
Material Nylon
Number of Compartments 12
Size - Depth 7 cm
Size - Length 42.5 cm
Size - Width 26.5 cm
Take Size A4 Notebook Yes

3 people found this helpful
  This is a fantastic bag,..., February 9, 2012
By aliera - See all my reviews
This is a fantastic bag, but comes short of perfection for me:

-LOTS of little compartments- great for holding small gadgets, keeps things from getting scratched
-Bright orange liner- easy to find things, even in dim light
-Sturdy "handle" bit at the top- useful for hanging the bag on hooks
-Hidden wallet pocket is a nice touch. It's on the side.
-Durable, rainproof material keeps everything dry.
-Bag is great using both straps or just over one shoulder.
-Exceptionally light for size
-Compact, yet still holds a lot

-The lunch compartment (bottom portion of the backpack in the front), if empty it has trouble standing on it's own- this bad always has to be leaning against something
-tends to be a little top heavy unless you use the lunch compartment, which I don't often.
-minor con- sometimes zippers can get slightly caught on the rain protection flaps, but that rarely happens

Overall it's a great bag and I don't regret buying it, but I wish it was just a tiny bit better. And yet this is by *far* better than the generic, heavy, huge compartment backpacks that are so common here, so I probably can't complain too much.
2 people found this helpful
  This is a great pack..., November 21, 2011
By mar... - See all my reviews
This is a great pack and once I got over the learning curve of all the compartments, I find it really handy. It makes me realize how poorly designed many backpacks are. This bag is nice and compact and, because of its design, holds more than its size suggests. I agree with the other poster about the fact that it needs a grab handle to be able to stand up on its own, and as a female owner, I wish they made a more feminine version in brighter colors.
2 people found this helpful
  This backpack gets top..., October 18, 2010
By bri... - See all my reviews
This backpack gets top marks on nearly every score. It is comfortable for my 5'5" frame, holds everything I need, the weight is balanced nicely, it's unobtrusive, well-made, I love the bright orange lining and the well-thought-out array of pockets, including the "lunch compartment" down below. "A place for everything and everything in its place," and I can find it all! There are three frustrations. It sorely needs a very sturdy grab handle; it is not configured to stand upright on its own; and the water bottle pocket is a very tight fit for American 16-oz. water bottles. The chest strap is a little funky-looking and I removed it.
  It's exactly what I wanted,..., March 24, 2014
By erosioncantdefeat - See all my reviews
It's exactly what I wanted, not too big and so dang organized that I thankfully have a hard time losing anything!! I was initially worried that not everything would fit, but there are so many little streamlined hiding-places that everything /does/, and the backpack doesn't bulge in a worrying way or anything. I generally carry around two A4 size notebooks, two textbooks and a binder full of loose-leaf paper, pencil case on top, and I still have room in my other pockets for a make-up bag, headphones, a tiny notepad, a novel-- I could go on but, suffice it to say, this holds everything I need in a school day plus a few contingency items. This backpack is very comfortable, as well. A frequent problem I have as a student is bags that begin to be uncomfortable, or that tend to bounce around and cause my shoulders and eventually back to ache. I was extremely happy to discover that this pack is just the right size to keep the bulk of weight close to my center if balance, has extremely comfortable shoulder pads, and generally causes the minimum amount if discomfort. Thank you for offering this product!!
  I'm in love! I call..., January 18, 2014
I'm in love! I call my daypack my art locker, because it has plenty or room for all my art supplies. It has 13 pockets and several nooks and crannies to put things in. It is made with a light but very tough material. I have had mine for a month and just keep finding it new and excitting. Everyday is a new discovery of what I can put where. Some of the stuff I have in this pack I have never carried in a bag before. But with this pack there is so much space that all items can be well organized and still very balanced to carry. Unlike my old bags and packs there is no digging through everything to find what I want. Everything is easy to get to and the bag does not seem over stuffed or cluttered.
IT IS THE CADILLAC OF ALL PACKS. This is the secound review from me but I just wanted give a better review once I had put it into use for a while. To me the price of this pack is not an issue, it's well worth the money.
Looks good,. Great to carry, And holds all my stuff yep to me it's perfect.
I have always been a bag and pack addict but I finally found my one and only true love.