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This is a fantastic bag,...
February 9, 2012
This is a fantastic bag, but comes short of perfection for me:

-LOTS of little compartments- great for holding small gadgets, keeps things from getting scratched
-Bright orange liner- easy to find things, even in dim light
-Sturdy "handle" bit at the top- useful for hanging the bag on hooks
-Hidden wallet pocket is a nice touch. It's on the side.
-Durable, rainproof material keeps everything dry.
-Bag is great using both straps or just over one shoulder.
-Exceptionally light for size
-Compact, yet still holds a lot

-The lunch compartment (bottom portion of the backpack in the front), if empty it has trouble standing on it's own- this bad always has to be leaning against something
-tends to be a little top heavy unless you use the lunch compartment, which I don't often.
-minor con- sometimes zippers can get slightly caught on the rain protection flaps, but that rarely happens

Overall it's a great bag and I don't regret buying it, but I wish it was just a tiny bit better. And yet this is by *far* better than the generic, heavy, huge compartment backpacks that are so common here, so I probably can't complain too much.
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This is a great pack...
November 21, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a great pack and once I got over the learning curve of all the compartments, I find it really handy. It makes me realize how poorly designed many backpacks are. This bag is nice and compact and, because of its design, holds more than its size suggests. I agree with the other poster about the fact that it needs a grab handle to be able to stand up on its own, and as a female owner, I wish they made a more feminine version in brighter colors.
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This backpack gets top...
October 18, 2010
Verified Purchase
This backpack gets top marks on nearly every score. It is comfortable for my 5'5" frame, holds everything I need, the weight is balanced nicely, it's unobtrusive, well-made, I love the bright orange lining and the well-thought-out array of pockets, including the "lunch compartment" down below. "A place for everything and everything in its place," and I can find it all! There are three frustrations. It sorely needs a very sturdy grab handle; it is not configured to stand upright on its own; and the water bottle pocket is a very tight fit for American 16-oz. water bottles. The chest strap is a little funky-looking and I removed it.
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CB-01 vs. WL-25 - I have...
May 11, 2014
CB-01 vs. WL-25 - I have both.

Summary (full review below):
WL-25 is less expensive, larger (good for several A4/US-size folders or notebooks), and feels cheaper in quality. The straps are poorly designed and not very ergonomic, especially considering that you'd presumably be carrying a heavier load in this larger bag. There are fewer pockets and they do not feel as useful as the CB-01's pockets. The main compartment can fit a laptop, but the bottom of the bag is as thin as the rest of the bag, so you would NOT want to bring a laptop without a protective cover/case.

CB-01 is smaller, more expensive, more ergonomic, the straps are much more appropriately reinforced/designed. The pockets are far more practical (for me at least) and there are more pockets overall. Smaller size means less notebook/folder capacity (for standard US-size folders and notebooks, A4 I believe).

Detailed review:

WL-25 (larger, cheaper) is definitely of a poorer quality. The back and straps are not as well padded or reinforced, the straps are not ergonomic at all (compare the pictures), despite the contents likely being heavier - why else would you buy the larger bag? Its compartments are also less functional than the CB-01, at least for my purposes. There are also much fewer outside pockets on this bag. There is one pocket in particular (the top one which has a vertical zipper) which I find particularly cumbersome, as whenever you open it to get something out, smaller items you may keep in that pocket will fall out. The outside pockets also do not extend as far out from the bag.

CB-01 is smaller and better designed overall. The straps are better padded and designed - the structure of the straps is such that the weight of the bag is more evenly spread out on one's shoulders. There is this one great pocket pocket on the back of the bag (flat pocket, with a zippered opening on the side to the right if you're wearing it) that can easily be opened by reaching for it, but can't be easily accessed unless you are specifically trying to go for it (harder to steal, I think?) - you kind of have to arch your back in a specific way to get to it. I use this pocket to hold a small flat wallet on a bungee cord for RFID-based public transit or private-entry systems (the kind where you hold the card up to the scanner without having to swipe anything), but it can really be used for any small item that you'd want to keep somewhat concealed or would want to be able to access without removing your bag.

The CB-01 is smaller, which means less space for large items such as A4/standard US sized folders/notebooks/textbooks. I've managed to fit a few notebooks and folders, but sometimes the top corners will bend due to the size/shape of the bag. This bag is AWESOME for anything smaller (shorter) than US/A4 sized notebooks/folders. The top-front pocket is actually amazing for planners or smaller size notebooks (I have one that's about 6"x9"), and it will fit several of them!

Conclusion: the CB-01 is awesome if you don't use a whole lot of standard US/A4 notebooks. The CB-25 is OK, but I wish I'd have gotten a similar bag by a different brand instead.
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It's exactly what I wanted,...
March 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
It's exactly what I wanted, not too big and so dang organized that I thankfully have a hard time losing anything!! I was initially worried that not everything would fit, but there are so many little streamlined hiding-places that everything /does/, and the backpack doesn't bulge in a worrying way or anything. I generally carry around two A4 size notebooks, two textbooks and a binder full of loose-leaf paper, pencil case on top, and I still have room in my other pockets for a make-up bag, headphones, a tiny notepad, a novel-- I could go on but, suffice it to say, this holds everything I need in a school day plus a few contingency items. This backpack is very comfortable, as well. A frequent problem I have as a student is bags that begin to be uncomfortable, or that tend to bounce around and cause my shoulders and eventually back to ache. I was extremely happy to discover that this pack is just the right size to keep the bulk of weight close to my center if balance, has extremely comfortable shoulder pads, and generally causes the minimum amount if discomfort. Thank you for offering this product!!
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This backpack is lovely,...
May 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
This backpack is lovely, the color is slightly darker in person but thanks to my research I expected this so it was not a surprise. It's extremely well sewn together, appearing to have double-stitching along most of the seams. It fits well on my back, being a large-statured person; and the straps are incredibly adjustable - my small formed 6 year old niece can wear it around as well, while playing dress up with some quick and simple adjustments. I find every compartment of it useful, being well informed.

Very minor Con: It will fit A4 size notebooks, but not a thick 3 ring binder that you may want to store them in if you're taking this on as a student on the move. I recommend seeking A5 or B5 sized notebooks, they are not much smaller, still very comfortable for writing and homework, and will fit marvelously well inside this pack!
I'm in love! I call...
January 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm in love! I call my daypack my art locker, because it has plenty or room for all my art supplies. It has 13 pockets and several nooks and crannies to put things in. It is made with a light but very tough material. I have had mine for a month and just keep finding it new and excitting. Everyday is a new discovery of what I can put where. Some of the stuff I have in this pack I have never carried in a bag before. But with this pack there is so much space that all items can be well organized and still very balanced to carry. Unlike my old bags and packs there is no digging through everything to find what I want. Everything is easy to get to and the bag does not seem over stuffed or cluttered.
IT IS THE CADILLAC OF ALL PACKS. This is the secound review from me but I just wanted give a better review once I had put it into use for a while. To me the price of this pack is not an issue, it's well worth the money.
Looks good,. Great to carry, And holds all my stuff yep to me it's perfect.
I have always been a bag and pack addict but I finally found my one and only true love.
Lv this daypack. It...
December 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
Lv this daypack. It has lots of pockets for ALL my art supplies. No more trying to decide what to take and what I have to leave behind it all fits and is still very balanced and comfortable to carry around. Bag is made out of tough material and yet it is very light in weight.
I am a lover of backpacks and messenger bags and this wise walker is the best I have ever had. Well worth the price, def. a bargon for the quality.
Wise Walker is def. the bag for me.
I personally love this...
May 2, 2012
I personally love this bag. It is wide enough to fit American sized papers, but it just can not fit the really wide binders. This is not a problem for me though, because I do not use these. Take this in to consideration before you purchase. I can easily fit everything I need, except I carry my lunch pack separate from the bag because I put my large pen case in the lunch pocket instead. The water bottle holders are also extremely small for American sized bottles, but thinner water bottles can fit inside the bag anyway. I was definetly satisfied with my purchase, and it was well worth the price.
I love this bag! Why...
February 28, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love this bag! Why not 5 stars you may ask???? No compression straps. This bag uses multiple accordion style compartments, and! absolutely brilliant I do love the bag (as I wrote earlier). However, without any sort of compression strap integrated into the design it tends to expand needlessly. Its not a big deal but well placed compression straps are what I've come to expect from most top backpack designers. Although it does present an opportunity to modify / tweak to suit my liking.... and on that note whats up the bottle holders on the side way to small for even the slender "smart water" bottle - bottle.... Don't get me wrong I'm glad I have it and would replace it if lost. It makes my wife jealous and for that I'm grateful (hee hee). I'm just putting this out there to inform and to share my observation.
Not so good
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