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I ordered this case on...
April 3, 2010
Verified Purchase
I ordered this case on Wednesday, and received it today (Friday); fast shipping and excellent service! Thanks JetPens! :-)

The case is well made, with all the inside seams stitched down with covering fabric. The fabric has a nice weight to it, not as thick as what you'd find in a backpack or messenger bag, but definitely thicker and better quality than the fabric you find in cheap pencil bags you see in MalWart and K-Mart at back-to-school times.

The two main internal tool sleeves are stitched into the case on the back side, and are open at the bottom. They are also held together in the middle by two lines of stitching about an inch apart. This creates a small space where you can put a high quality or expensive instrument of even a large diameter and not have it banging around against the other contents. It's big enough it easily holds my PhD .5mm mechanical pencil. I'm sure it would hold a multipoint instrument as well.

The small perpendicular stitchings on the inside of each side of the case are indeed small pockets for further organization. Unlike the center organizers these are closed at the bottom. The small round pocket at the bottom is interesting; right now can't see myself using for an eraser because I prefer the mechanical pencil/pen style erasers which I carry along with my other instruments in the main pocket. I will probably end up using it for spare leads or perhaps a small pad of post-its but haven't put anything into it yet.

I'm a university lecturer and have to share an office, so I don't have the luxury of being able to just keep a stock of instruments and supplies on my desk; my stuff begins to disappear when I do that... I bought this case to supplement the Nomadic PE-07 I bought from JetPens back at the beginning of Fall semester, which I have now outgrown. The PD-03 now holds all my writing instruments while the PE-07 holds a selection of other office supplies such as post-its, paper clips, a mini stapler, a small roll of tape, etc.

In sum, this is an excellent case. It is well made and well designed. the fact I can sit it up on my desk and use it as a pencil cup is just icing on the cake. If you're looking for a solid, no nonsense pencil/pen case, look no further. If you want something you can carry a small stash of other stationary supplies in, as well as instruments, look at one of the rectangular cases. A great case, you shouldn't be disappointed.
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This case is AMAZING...
January 21, 2010
Verified Purchase
This case is AMAZING i have one and i am considering buying another. It keeps everything organized and nice. The bottom zip up pocket is awesome to keep erasers and such. The only draw back is when you have this is it only fits 20 pens at the max. At 20 its rely hard to zip p and close but still awesome case.
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Why, why, why is this...
November 11, 2015
Why, why, why is this case not available anymore? It is the best, hands down, pencil case I have ever owned and I want another! Please make more!
It works great! BUT I...
April 22, 2010
It works great! BUT I wish I had known how phallic this pencil case looks when it is stood upright on a table (especially if its packed full of pens). I'm not trying to be immature; it genuinely looks very phallic. My girlfriend saw it and immediately commented on this as well. I will still use it because it's kind of a joke/gag at this point, but just beware :)
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u mm, in the inside,...
March 16, 2010
u mm, in the inside, on the sides , there looks like to be a pocket on each separating side, are those pockets, or sewing lines?
please answer
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