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I originally wanted to...
January 11, 2011
I originally wanted to the the PE-08 , but it was out of stock and school was starting back up soon. So I went with this little guy, I got the blue one. When I got it, I kind of wished I got the orange but the inside of the blue is a very vibrant orange. Its soooo attractive. I love how I can cover the thing in little pins that I support and there is a lot of room inside. I can hold 1 16 edged eraser, a kneaded eraser and a normal block eraser, one pencil sharpener. 5 Micron pens, 2 normal sized pencils, one pilot Dr.Grip, 1 Uniball fusion, and a normal pen as well as a 6 inch ruler, and my house key and flash drive in this little thing! Its perfect, and very very mobile =]

I do not regret buying it AT ALL. Buy this!
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Great case! it fits all...
July 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great case! it fits all of my pencils and is very mobile. Contrary to what the description says, it is actually orange, not yellow, just like the picture shows. My only complaint is that the pocket that is in the middle which is intended for containers of lead makes the the case very stiff on the side when there is lead in it, and it is harder to close the case; you could easily just put the lead in one of the many other pockets this case has, though
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great pen case! The zipper...
June 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
great pen case! The zipper is really good, and even if you stuff it with pens to the point you think it will burst, it zipps up effortlessley.
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This case is very well...
November 15, 2010
Verified Purchase
This case is very well constructed and is easy to find in my EDC bag .
I intend to acquire different cases of the kind to use for my EDC organization !
It works very well for many other items beside writing tools .
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I have it for a long...
January 24, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have it for a long time and this is the best case ever. Fits a lot of pens and pencils, light, compact, beautiful design, durable. I carry it everywhere I go with small Moleskine.
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I've had this case for...
October 31, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this case for about 5 months now. And all I can say is that it is AMAZING. There are little to no signs of wear on it and it looks brand new. I could fit lots of things in it if i wanted, but unfortunately, I pack light. In my pe-06 I have (1)Hi-tec-c coleto 5, (1)Pentel graphgear 1000 .5, (1)Boxy eraser, (1)Tube of 2B .5 lead, (1)Uni propus window highlighter, (1)Kum Pencut scissors, (1)Sun-Star pen style stapler, (1)Staedtler 2b Lumograph, (1)Tombow pitslide, and (1)Sonic extendable ruler. :) I love this case and if you're thinking about buying it I suggest you give it the go!
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I got the orange one...
June 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
I got the orange one and love it! I don't consider every pencil case on JetPens do be a good deal and have bought others elsewhere. But this Nomadic Sider Zipper case is a great value at an appropriate price. Shipping is fast, even the free shipping. Other companies seemingly chose the slowest shipping possible, especially for everything that is free shipping, often taking a week and longer. Not on JetPens. If ordered on Monday, I can rely on the shipment to arrive on Thursday at the latest. My mentioning of shipping policies has nothing to do with the merchandise, but I want to mention it since fast shipping is one of things that makes me a very happy return customer.

The case is small, but very sturdy and does hold a lot more than other cases of this size can pack. I love the inner organization of it and it practically invites me to play around with it to pack it to the max. The only thing that could be worth of improvement by Nomadic is is adding half an inch in depth since even standard size fountains end up pushing the limit of the case without it buldging. I pack slimmer pens, refills and other flat items on the left side and fountain pens (even the Pilot Petit minis) on the right side to keep bulging down. When closing the full case items do rub on each other but that is due to the design of the case enabling you to pack a great deal without it becoming a huge item. A small, thin liner between the two side would be helpful, but that is an easy fix for those who carry fountain pens inside they don't want to be scratched.

I appreciate the outer pocket as well. It's easy to pack pens and pencils into the outside and one can also slide a pen into the other pocket that can be reached quickly when having to sign something etc without having to take the whole thing out of the bag and without having to open the case just to grab a pen for 10 seconds.

Overall a great design and very much designed to be practical and small, while being able to carry a ton of pens around without resulting in a gym bag of a pen case.
Nomadic describes this as "yellow" but just as other reviewers have mentioned - just assured you will receive a bright orange that lovers of the Rhodia Orange are sure to appreciate.
The black one also offered is probably more appropriate for executive office requirements as the bright orange might not be appropriate in a limited amount of settings. The zipper and material around it are grey which is easy on the eyes and also practical since that area often stains first. The grey will help the appearance of the case since white zippers can appear grungy-funky pretty fast.
The pencil case comes to its new owner in a clear plastic sleeve and the tag has suggestions on how to pack it for maximum capacity. That is something all of us can figure out themselves, but it is a nice gesture by the manufacturer nonetheless. The nylon lining on the inside is thick enough not to rip after two weeks of usage, but thin enough to make for a small case. There is even a little pen opening on the 'hinge' that connects the two sides of the pen.
I would describe the material, zippers and threads to be of high quality, comparable even to my LLBean backpack that is practically indestructable. I compared the material used in the Nomadic and I bet it would even survive the very occasional washing in laundry maschine, medium or cold heat seatting, in a garment bag to minimize impact on the material itself. I have to launder my LLBean backpack (with a good dose of stain remover) in this way since things become rather grimy after a few years of traveling that requires manual handling of hands that might not exactly be squeaky clean.

I practically adore my little Nomadic and will be more than thrilled should JetPens be able to carry the same model in blue again. I will happily purchase another one since even two of these cases in one backpack are more convenient that one bigger pen case holding more.
I look forward to traveling with my Nomadic pretty soon and I enjoy knowing that my little case can pack as much as simple pouch without having to sprint across the airports and having to listen to your precious writings tools rolling around without mercy.

Great utilitarian design, very practical. I wished US companies would take a good look at items like these since finding a nice pencil case in a brick and mortar store is a completely fruitless undertaking in the US. I am a composer, musician, translator/interpreter and illustrator which means that both inspiration and my job require me to have access to very different tools without delay.

Thank you to JetPens for offering this case at the appropriate price!
I am in no way being compensated for this review, I am merely a happy return customer since 2011.
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Great to store art materials....
January 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great to store art materials. Kept my needed pens and things in place when I was out and about in the art world. Also a great size to tuck away in a purse or bag.
Holds everything. Ev...
August 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Holds everything. Everything!
I know they don't sell...
July 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
I know they don't sell this anymore, but it really is a fantastic little case. Perfect for everyday carry without the extra bulk. The fabric has also held up very well despite being pulled in and out of my bag several times a day.

The only downside is the capacity. I wouldn't carry more than 5 to 10 pens and pencils (various sizes) in this, as things get very tight very quickly. Not really made for carrying anything with an odd shape, such as rulers or scissors.
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