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This case is awesome!...
January 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
This case is awesome! Every zippered pocket is approximately the same length, two exterior and one interior, which makes this bag a winner if you have to store a lot of pens, pencils, or supplies of the same length. It is well-constructed and the color is very appealing (khaki outside and orange inside). I'm storing a pack of highlighters (five pens) and a double-thick pack of scented pens (eight pens), and I still have room for approximately fourteen more pens.
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This has proven to be...
August 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
This has proven to be the best buy of the several pencil cases I've bought. It holds my coloured pencils, and accessories without adding much weight to my hand or bag, and remains firm but not stiff.

I recommend it highly for those who wish to have just a few more pencils in their bag, about 30, and still not feel overwhelmed with a large case.

The colour also suits me as it seems cleaner and fresher than the black.
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This case is perfect...
April 26, 2011
This case is perfect for my quick carry drawing supplies. Enough room for a small sketch book, my basic set of pens & pencils and few more supplies. And it has held up for over a year with no noticeable wear.
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This has proved to be...
July 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
This has proved to be the most satisfying case I have ever bought, and I am 52 and have bought many over the years. It is extremely pleasing aesthetically, I love the outside colour and general design, the netting at the bottom and the orange and compartments inside.
It just feels right for an all-purpose bag, in which I have lots of pens and pencils of various sizes, erasers and sharpeners. I'm amazed at how much I can get in there, and still get to what I want easily in a hurry.
As anyone who is reading this will presumably know, the small things in life like this case are what makes some people's lives better, and I have been really delighted with this little thing. Absolutely five out of five stars and heartily recommended!
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I've been very impressed...
August 22, 2012
I've been very impressed by this case. Its pouches and dividers are very well thought out. I have about a dozen pens/pencils and various other drawing accessories as well as a small sketchbook and the bag does not feel overfull. Great for bringing along everyday.
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Great case I have no...
March 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great case I have no issues with! A Favorite!
I don't use this for...
January 6, 2015
I don't use this for writing tools! I use this for my technology extras: portable usb battery backup with built-in flashlight, earbuds, a plug-in usb wall charger, and 3 kinds of usb cables - micro usb, the 30-pin Apple cable, and the newer lightning style. The little pockets eliminate the need for rubber bands or hook-loop ties to keep the cords from unraveling. Plus unlike a cocoon grid-it, it all closes up tidily with the zippers. I am debating whether to get this same case in red, or the more open flap style from Nomadic, for my EDC case.
This case is great! I...
June 25, 2014
This case is great! I was worried it would be too subdued and boring for my taste, but every time I go to find a zipper I forget my assumptions. (I will admit I lost it in plain sight once since getting it.) The zippers are a nice grey color. They are durable, quiet, and without any annoying frills. The case itself is a color which will prevent it from getting dirty, and even the orange insides don't attract lead dust easily. It has a total of 4 separations capable of holding pens. 1 of which (the largest which has a zippered grey mesh pouch in the middle of it for pens) is long enough to keep un-sharpened pencils in. Two decent sized loose, but secure mesh pockets are devoted to holding erasers, lead, sharpeners, or whatever else. In person it appears small, but it holds a lot of stuff. It looks and feels like a quality bag, but thanks to it's smart green color I don't fear that anyone will steal it unless they see its awesome orange insides.
Not too big but not too...
October 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
Not too big but not too small with well thought out compartments. Comfortably fits my calculator along with my mech pencils, leads, pens, eraser, highlighter, USB stick, and 150mm ruler -- and can even fit my 3DS XL too if I rearrange things a bit.

Falls shy of full marks due to the inconsistent sewing on the two main seams, and I'm not a huge fan of the mesh on the outside pocket. Overall a very nice pencil case though which is serving me well so far in my ECSE studies.

this case is SO awesome!!!...
February 14, 2011
this case is SO awesome!!! i bought one in Japan and it fits every one of my pens, pencil, erasers, highlighters, leds, and more. even my friend asked to buy it from me, but when i refused, he went and bought one himself and he loves it. its slim, and has nice color! :D
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