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April 22, 2011
This is the grand-daddy...
Verified Purchase
This is the grand-daddy of all pencil cases. It's large, roomy, and just the right number of zippered compartments. It's wonderful!


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April 7, 2011
i got my red pencil case...
Verified Purchase
i got my red pencil case a few weeks ago and its amazing (:
it works really well.
there's about 5 different spaces for things.
i have about 24 color pencils in one side and i still have extra room to put other things.
easy organizing.... GET IT !

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October 22, 2010
I just got my pencil...
Verified Purchase
I just got my pencil case and its awesome!!!!
I had more than a 15 pens include steadler highlighters. I even put my mini stapler and pencil sharpener and they all fit!!!!

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October 13, 2013
I got mine a few weeks...
Verified Purchase
I got mine a few weeks ago, and its great. Overall, it fits a lot of things.
BUT, if you carry a lot of stationary like me, this isn't for you.
I bought this expecting it will hold a TON of things, and it does.
But you have to leave extra space at the top of the pencil case so you'll have room to close it.
When you start to shut it, all your things like come together so thats why it needs extra room at the top to close.
Also, all you things kind of fall out when you lay it on its side, which is expected obviously.
So its great and very organized if you have an average amount of things.
But if you carry a ton of stationary, try the PE-09 flap type case, because that holds so many more things than the picture gives credit for.

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September 26, 2013
I LOVE this pencil case....
Verified Purchase
I LOVE this pencil case. If you're looking for a nice organized, roomy pencil case, buy this one! It holds a ton of stuff, but one thing i think they should do is add more colors. Red and black are kinda boring and I would love to see a green or a blue colored one.

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June 18, 2012
This pencil case made...
Verified Purchase
This pencil case made the ideal lightweight, mini sketch kit for me! It holds a couple of mini palettes, waterbrushes, pens and pencils. You can see my full review with photos of my setup here: iew-peek.html

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December 26, 2014
I got this in August...
Verified Purchase
I got this in August and has worked great so far. The middle pocket can be a little difficult to take out pens and pencils so I ended up using it for things I don't use often like a cutter, small banker's clips, and extra ink cartridges. Otherwise, I stuff a lot of pens, pencils w/ caps, and two different kinds of erasers in there. The only down side to this case is the lack of different colors. Although I love the red and black cases, offering the same variety of colors as the Nomadic flap-type pencil case would be even better.

September 29, 2014
I really really love...
Verified Purchase
I really really love this pencil case! It's super roomy and it fits so many pencils in it. I especially love that you can organize the contents of it. I personally like to separate my pencils from pens, highlighters, etc. and this is the perfect pencil case for doing so. The only down side I would see that it's fairly large and bulky.

November 9, 2011
This is a wonderful pencil...
This is a wonderful pencil case, but i think they should make a light blue or green or pink colored case because i hate the color red and black is so boring...

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