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  I love this pencil case...., January 12, 2010
By rob...
I love this pencil case. It's small enough that it is easy to carry in my backpack, but it holds a ton of stuff. I've been looking for the "perfect" pencil case for a while now (I'm definitely an organization nerd), and this one pretty much fits the bill. Love it!
  Pragmatic definitely...., November 23, 2009
Pragmatic definitely. The reviews all rang true. Another great Jetpen addition.
  Don't let the small size..., September 30, 2009
Don't let the small size fool you. I'm surprised by how much I was able to fit in this. 3 block erasers, 1 tube of mechanical pencil eraser refills, 10 Micron Pigment Markers, 4 mechanical pencils, 2 clic erasers, 6 cases of lead, USB flash drive. Metaphys notepad, protactor and 8 Prismacolor fine tip markers.
  This looks soooo good..., June 17, 2009
This looks soooo good and compact which is why I'm planning to get this :D
And it seems to fit just about everything I have so why not?
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  I was a bit disappointed..., January 22, 2012
By swr...
I was a bit disappointed in this pencil case. The color wasn't as deep or bright as I thought it would be.
The mesh is made out of a plastic, and for some reason I thought it would be made out of the mesh on gym shorts.
It took awhile for my order to arrive, and when it came I found that it was packaged in an envelope instead of a box.
If you are paying 5 bucks for shipping and handling I think you expect more from the company when it comes to packaging, but my stuff was not damaged so I guess I cant complain too much.
After using the case I can say that I am pretty happy with my purchase.

I would give this pencil case a 4, but the way it was packaged decreased the enjoyment I experienced while opening it.

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  I'm debating whether..., December 6, 2010
By mg....
I'm debating whether to get this one or the PE-07. Which one holds more stuff?
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  when is this pencil case..., August 7, 2010
By yen...
when is this pencil case gooing to restock??
i really need before school starts..............
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  is this actually yellow?..., May 1, 2010
is this actually yellow? in the picture, it looks like its orange.
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  Guess what? I'm getting..., July 23, 2009
Guess what? I'm getting it also
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  I dont know if I should..., July 4, 2011
By pin...
I dont know if I should get the Nomadic PE-07 or this one?
Which is better?
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  i am going to get th..., June 8, 2009
i am going to get this
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  I'm interested in getting..., July 26, 2010
I'm interested in getting one. RESTOCK PLEASSEEEEE