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8 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil bag is amazing!..., September 14, 2011
This pencil bag is amazing! I have in it 10 pencils in the large pocket and it probably still has room for 25 more! the small mesh pocket is great for a packet of lead ofr a pencil sharpener, but it fits PERFECTLY a scotch tape dispenser (those little ones)! I have 6 highliters in the flap pocket along with some lead and erasers. In the outer pocket I have five pens! If you need room for a lot of pencils, this bag is perfect! The color is very nice, more lime green than the picture shows. its in between lime and light green.
7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful
  I Just Got Mine Today!..., July 26, 2012
By yol...
I Just Got Mine Today! I was Very Happy! Im Starting 7th Grade and Important Year Regarding High-School. So My Supply List Was Verry Long, and This Was The PERFECT Pencil Case. Enough Rome To Fit-

:Main Pocket:
-4 Pens
-4 Pencils
-1 Jumbo Glue Stick
-1 Mini Eraser (In The Eraser Pouch)
-1 Pencil Sharpener
-12 Pack Of Color pencils (Thin & In Box)
-10 Pack of Markers (Thin & In Box)

:Zipper On Flap:

-2 Highlighters (Mini & In Pocket)
-2 Postage Note Flags (Mini & In Pocket)
-1 Roll of Scotch tape (Medium & In Pocket)
-3 Pencil Tip Erasers (In Pocket)

The Main pocket Alone Still Can Fit Much More! A Great Buy For Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, and Young Adults Going To College! Highly Recommend!

Note: Green Is Slightly Darker Then Pictures
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  FIT 50 PENS AND PENCILS..., October 14, 2011

I just got mine, and it's absolutely an incredible case! I didn't believe the comments about all the other Nomadic pencil cases that supposedly fit so many pencils and pens, but this really exceeds all expectations. The nylon-like material on the inside and outside makes me feel like it won't get beat up too easy :) Which I'm happy about, I've had pencil cases I've used until they just fall apart.

I like the fact that all possible space is used. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the flap pocket yet, but probably lead or something small I don't use a lot. The orange lining helps you see all your pens and pencils really well. I'm not sure why the zipper has the button on the side and the option to unbutton it, maybe it's style. It does look nice. I like that the mesh pockets on the front side under the flap are tight. It'll be nice that whatever I put in there doesn't slide around or anything like that...

The little mesh hanging pocket inside the main pocket is great! I think I'll use it for an eraser.

I love all the thought put into this. Absolutely a great pencil case.
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Much nice green than..., September 17, 2011
By fox...
Much nice green than the photos suggest (though the photos are excellent). The green is nice and saturated, sort of fresh and leafy looking. I ordered it in the hopes that it would expand enough to fit my Nook Simple Touch, and the fit is perfect. As a bonus, the lining and outside pockets act as padding. I'm sure you can find a million uses for this product. There are many organizational options. I'm really happy with it.
5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  Best pencil case ever!..., October 8, 2011
By cla...
Best pencil case ever! I just got this one, along with other pens and pencils, and I was able to fit all of them along with the other pens/pencils I had in my old pencil case, no problem! It's very organized, with lots of little pockets to hold erasers and things. I have more than 40 pens and pencils in mine, three lead cases, and three block erasers! Affordable price, too.

Btw, the green is much brighter than in the picture. Very cool.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil case provided..., April 30, 2012
By lyn...
This pencil case provided a lot of space for my stationary. I was really surprised that there was enough room to put the case of my reading glasses, as well as my scientific calculator, and a few other stuff. There were lots of compartments to organize stationary in, and I find that very helpful.The fabric and stitching seems very durable. Although, the color of the product is slightly darker than the one in the picture.
  I have had this pencil..., August 24, 2014
I have had this pencil case for over a year now, and let me tell you: ITS AWESOME!
When I first got this pencil case, it was a lot bigger than I expected to be, but it can fit my TI-84 calculator along with some pens. I especially like the flap pocket because I can put my most used pens and pencils in there. Also, the fabric is really, really sturdy, which I like.
:3 GET IT!
  I ❤ this case so much!..., April 27, 2014
I ❤ this case so much! It is awesome! So roomy
  Pencil case perfection!..., December 30, 2013
By ein...
Pencil case perfection! Smart divisions (outside zipper pocke flap/Velcro compartment under the zippered flap/roomy interior with a cunning mesh pocket for an SD card or other small item). I carry pens, pencils, erasers, iPad stylii, earphones, cleaning cloth and more and this accommodates everything. Plus it's soft and lightweight, with no unneeded padding or stiffeners.
  This is probably the..., October 3, 2013
This is probably the best pencil case I have ever owned in my fifteen years of education. There seems to be a nook and cranny for everything, although I like to keep it lighter for the sake of less weight to carry and to avoid having to dig around through a million different utensils to find what I'm looking for. Even full of stuff it still looks compact and will slide into any slim space left in your bag. Another great feature is the vivid colors. Over a few months of usage and still no dull. There's no pencil residue on the inside and I can even fit a full pad of sticky notes in for the ride. The pouch area holds a whole array of erasers I sometimes forget I even have! Great product for the price; if you're serious about your supplies, invest in a good container for them; you won't regret it. I never usually have an item to fill the netted pocket on the pain compartment, but it doesn't get in the way too bad. The loops along the sides of the zipper are surprisingly convenient, because if your case gets flipped around laterally inside of your bag you can just tug it out, no spill or anything.
  I do love this as I use..., July 14, 2013
I do love this as I use it for my crochet hooks and supplies!
  This pencil case is absolutely..., August 24, 2012
By mfo...
This pencil case is absolutely AMAZING! My friend referred me to this site and showed me the pencil case she was going to get for Back to School. I fell in love with it. The next time I saw her she showed me her pencil case. It is perfect there is so many pockets to put all different stuff. Coming from a Catholic School girl I have to get everything absolutely everything and this perfect to carry it all.
  Very roomy with lots..., April 4, 2012
By sou...
Very roomy with lots of pockets.
  tHIS IS A great pencil..., February 17, 2012
By sla...
tHIS IS A great pencil case!!!