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July 8, 2009
Makes a good first impression...
Verified Purchase
Makes a good first impression as a sketching tools organizer that holds most contents securely provided that they have strong pocket clips. A straight ruler and round barrel X-acto knife fell right off after shaking this pencil case upside down, but the mechanical pencils and gel pens remained firmly in their pockets. When laying down open on the working surface, its design keeps a generous selection of writing and sketching tools neatly organized, clearly visible, and within easy reach. That said, its construction is rather thin with no cushioning. Thus it offers little protection for precious contents like professional fixed sleeve drafting pencils that might even rip through the thin fabric after repeated use. It would have been nice if the bottom of the pencil pockets had been reinforced with plastic shell tubes for additional protection (a feature observed in a German Map case Not surprisingly, a thorough search of the inner pocket revealed the ubiquitous "Made in China" tag. Nice pencil case concept that only needs to be tested for durability for a definitive review.

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June 12, 2011
I just recieved this...
Verified Purchase
I just recieved this case, along with my order. This is far the best pen(cil)s case that I have found and its' size it just right! As mentioned in the previous reviews... I did manage to put in about 16 pens comfortably. I would highly recommend this to everyone! And Thanks JetPens...

April 5, 2010
Product is exactly what...
Verified Purchase
Product is exactly what I wanted. Secure and as slim as it can be with all of the stuff I clipped into it (operative word being "clipped".) Also wanted to comment on the excellent service of JetPens! Guys, you're the best on the web! Keep up the great work!