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  I love this pen/cil case...., April 3, 2012
By jtn...
I love this pen/cil case. I really love it. It does exactly what the description says it does - it holds my pens, and it looks put together, even casually professional. It gets difficult to snap closed as I cram pens into it (12 so far, plus a couple honey sticks), but then this case wasn't designed for pack rats. I usually leave it open flat and slip it vertically into my work bag so I never have to dig through my bag for a pen. It's deliberately minimalist without sacrificing function, and it works for me.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I really like this case,..., November 17, 2009
I really like this case, it's really slim and attractive. It holds about 14 pens and pencils in the internal area and more in the zipper areas. The only thing I don't love about it is that it can get a little bulky. Any which way, I recommend it highly if you don't need a ton of pens with you.
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  A lovely pencil case!..., July 11, 2010
By by....
A lovely pencil case! It's very sturdy, well built and the pockets are convenient. I can fit up to 14 pens comfortably (highlighters, mechanical pencils and pens) in the inside pockets and still fit smaller items such as lead, erasers and white out in the outside zipper pockets pretty comfortably. Anything more might be a stretch... But this is a really wonderful alternative to the traditional zipper case. I like it a lot :)
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  This pencil case is the..., March 14, 2013
By san...
This pencil case is the best! I keep my best pens and pencils in this case.

As soon as I'm done using a pen it goes back into the case. I haven't lost any pens in over a year by doing this. This helps keep everything well organized. When I open it up, everything is nicely displayed.

It has a lot of room. The zipper pocket comes in handy, I store lead refills, erasers, and a USB thumb drive in there.
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  It can get bulky if you..., August 28, 2010
By chi...
It can get bulky if you put too much in it, but overall it's a nice and sturdy case with that unique snap button.
  Absolutely amazing...very..., June 15, 2014
By sid...
Absolutely amazing...very slick and slim...I tried fitting in my 10 staedtler triplus fine liners but thought it would b very bulky and suitable for its unique i fit in 6...3 on each side...the stitching is a bit weird but it's a very good product...a Gud buy
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  This looks so cool! I..., December 27, 2013
This looks so cool! I wish they had the other colors though. To me khaki green and orange are ugly. So that just leaves me with black. The pictures show like a charcoal grey and tan which seem pretty neutral colors, but black always works.
I am thinking of purchasing it in my order soon, as I also find it could be great to carry around a jewelry/beading project around in as well! The pen spots could be for pliers (of course just 2... or 4 (two on top of each other if possible)) or even tools, spools of wire, beading needles, or a partially strung project and tubes of beads in the zipper compartments! It's a win-win for me! I'm totally sold. Price could be better, but I hope the price means quality, and so far, with the looks of things, reviews are excellent.

Can't wait to get mine!

I love the slim-ness too! It can be slim and simple, or a complete pouch if you want that! and love the ease of snaps instead of rolled up pouches. It also helps keep it flat with this method, which is a pro for being easy to store amongst notebooks! Hoping to use this my last semester at college!
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  how many pencils can..., June 2, 2010
By ipf...
how many pencils can it hold?