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I always like buying...
August 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I always like buying things from JetPens (pencil cases, bags) because there are a lot of nifty handy pockets to sort your items and that goes without saying for this bag and a lot of their pencil cases.

One thing I would be wary of is that I own a 15" MacBook Pro with a hard snap on case, and I have a Neoprene sleeve as well. This VERY snugly fits my MacBook Pro with the case on (I refuse to put it in the bag with no case whatsoever, need the protection), with nothing else in it because I wanted to try the fit as soon as I received it and took it out of the box.

I'm almost sure if I had the snap on case on my laptop, and the Neoprene sleeve on, that it probably would not zipper all the way, or be EXTREMELY snug. It's already super snug with the hard case alone, but it's okay. The bag is a good size and I'm not going to want to cram the world into it.

I'm going to like that the bag is waterproof, sometimes I forget an umbrella.And it shipped ridiculously fast. Ordered it under a few days to a week, and it came literally I want to say 2-3 days after with standard free shipping over $25. Thanks JetPens!
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When my old backpack...
November 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
When my old backpack broke I inmediately turned to JetPens to look for a new one - I first got the
Nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker A4 Shoulder Bag (which is also really good!), but I usually carry too many things for a shoulder bag...so I got this one and LOVED it!

When I first got this backpack out of the box it looked pretty small so I wasn't sure if all of my things would fit inside, but it turns out that it has a lot of space! The only thing I have problems with is a Letter/Legal folder that I use - it fits, but really closely. I think an A4 folder/binder would fit perfectly in here! it has two big compartments, which gives you a lot of room; I usually carry a folder, a notebook, two sketchbooks, my pencilcase (a Nomadic PN-91 Top Open Pencil Cases), a small tablet, textbooks and sometimes even a sweater or hoodie. I use the side pocket to carry my IDs and bus card (which makes it easy for me to access, yet still hard to get stolen), the "net" side pocket for my umbrella or a water bottle, and the two front pockets for my purse, calculator, pendrive and other small things. The lower front pocket has little compartments inside so its easy to organize things in there.

Nomadic makes the most organized bags I've ever seen, everything is always at hand and easy to find. Now I use this backpack most of the time, and the shoulder bag when I'm carrying less things. I wouldn't be overreacting if I told you this is the best backpack I've had so far!
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This is, hands down,...
October 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is, hands down, the best backpack ever! It's worth every penny, even though I was skeptical at first. I was looking for a new backpack for when I went back to college in the winter, but something that could act as an over night bag in the mean time. The bag can carry so much! I can fit about 4-5 days worth of clothes, my laptop, and a hair dryer in the two main compartments, my ipad mini if the front side-zip pouch, and all my makeup in the front accordion style pocket right in front. I know it'll do a wonderful job as a school bag too! The material is light but very durable, much better than the standard backpack material. It's also rain-proof, as it states. I've gotten caught in a few showers with it, and all of my electronics have stayed safe and dry! If you're considering buying this bag, do it!!
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I have been looking for...
August 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
I have been looking for a slightly bigger backpack than my Maxpedition Pygmy which at 20L is just right for everyday carry but is just a bit small for all the stuff I carry for sketching; A4 Molekskine, 9x12 watercolor pad, watercolor kit, 4x6 sketchbook, full-sized headphones, etc. The WL-25 can definitely handle all that with room to spare. The top outer pocket can just fit my Kindle along with a 4x6 sketchbook. The lower pocket is shallower so I use it for flat things. So far my only complaints are the lack of zipper pulls on all the zippers (they are on the three main compartments) and the sizing of the backpack straps being a bit narrow - I have to let the straps out quite a bit or else the pack sits too high on my back. Things I love: the orange lining (I hate black interiors), the light weight, well thought out pockets and lots of them. I took it out for a bike ride tonight and it seemed comfortable even fully loaded so I am happy with it. And yeah, no way I would put my 15" Macbook Pro in this. It might fit but only without a protective sleeve and the pack has no built-in protection for a laptop.
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CB-01 vs. WL-25 - I have...
October 31, 2013
CB-01 vs. WL-25 - I have both.

Summary (full review below):
WL-25 is less expensive, larger (good for several A4/US-size folders or notebooks), and feels cheaper in quality. The straps are poorly designed and not very ergonomic, especially considering that you'd presumably be carrying a heavier load in this larger bag. There are fewer pockets and they do not feel as useful as the CB-01's pockets. The main compartment can fit a laptop, but the bottom of the bag is as thin as the rest of the bag, so you would NOT want to bring a laptop without a protective cover/case.

CB-01 is smaller, more expensive, more ergonomic, the straps are much more appropriately reinforced/designed. The pockets are far more practical (for me at least) and there are more pockets overall. Smaller size means less notebook/folder capacity (for standard US-size folders and notebooks, A4 I believe).

Detailed review:

WL-25 (larger, cheaper) is definitely of a poorer quality. The back and straps are not as well padded or reinforced, the straps are not ergonomic at all (compare the pictures), despite the contents likely being heavier - why else would you buy the larger bag? Its compartments are also less functional than the CB-01, at least for my purposes. There are also much fewer outside pockets on this bag. There is one pocket in particular (the top one which has a vertical zipper) which I find particularly cumbersome, as whenever you open it to get something out, smaller items you may keep in that pocket will fall out. The outside pockets also do not extend as far out from the bag.

CB-01 is smaller and better designed overall. The straps are better padded and designed - the structure of the straps is such that the weight of the bag is more evenly spread out on one's shoulders. There is this one great pocket pocket on the back of the bag (flat pocket, with a zippered opening on the side to the right if you're wearing it) that can easily be opened by reaching for it, but can't be easily accessed unless you are specifically trying to go for it (harder to steal, I think?) - you kind of have to arch your back in a specific way to get to it. I use this pocket to hold a small flat wallet on a bungee cord for RFID-based public transit or private-entry systems (the kind where you hold the card up to the scanner without having to swipe anything), but it can really be used for any small item that you'd want to keep somewhat concealed or would want to be able to access without removing your bag.

The CB-01 is smaller, which means less space for large items such as A4/standard US sized folders/notebooks/textbooks. I've managed to fit a few notebooks and folders, but sometimes the top corners will bend due to the size/shape of the bag. This bag is AWESOME for anything smaller (shorter) than US/A4 sized notebooks/folders. The top-front pocket is actually amazing for planners or smaller size notebooks (I have one that's about 6"x9"), and it will fit several of them!

Conclusion: the CB-01 is awesome if you don't use a whole lot of standard US/A4 notebooks. The CB-25 is OK, but I wish I'd have gotten a similar bag by a different brand instead.
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I bought a version of...
May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought a version of this backpack in a travel store 3 years ago for travel...it is awesome. I recently lent it to my daughter in law twice and she loved it , so this is her mothers Day gift! Thanks for the best back pack ever!
I love this bag - plenty...
April 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this bag - plenty of storage places, it's super lightweight and waterproof. My only complaint is the straps are pretty thin, but they do have a lot of padding.
Not really a review,...
September 20, 2012
Not really a review, just a question.

Why is this bag larger, yet cost less than the other Nomadic backpack? (the other being $91 i believe)

Just curious. I like/want both (from what I see on screen). But, I'd just like to know before i make a purchase if there are any "real" differences that would affect the price this way.
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