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I've been using this...
September 16, 2013
I've been using this backpack for a month now and really like it. Its best feature is that it is *extremely* light, and not very oversized. I put my 11" Macbook Air in a padded case and it fits great. Legal size paper might be a tight squeeze vertically. It expands out away from your back, so you can actually fit a lot of books in. There are lots of compartments, though they are not actually very big. So you may end up throwing a lot of stuff into one of the two main compartments. The water bottle holder is good for my Thermos water bottle, but would not fit a big Nalgene bottle. The straps are not very padded; I've seen better. Still, I love the bag for its light weight and well designed foot print.
While nice, this bag...
May 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
While nice, this bag isn't designed to hold a laptop (contrary to the item description). I should have noticed that Nomadic's actual diagram doesn't show any laptop. The bag doesn't have any cushion on the bottom, and barely any in the back. So, if you want to carry a tablet, laptop, or camera, you'll need to use a protective sleeve to cushion them from bumps and bruises. It is a nice bag, but it isn't geared towards electronics. Paperback books and toiletries, primarily.

So, yes, buyer's remorse. But sending things back is always a pain for me. Because of my work schedule and my work location, sending mail is laborious. Receiving stuff is easy. It is sending back that is the challenge. I don't see myself using the back much. I might gift it to someone.
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