Nomadic WL-27 Wise-Walker Waist Bag - Gray

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Nomadic's versatile WL-27 Wise-Walker Waist Bag can be slung over your shoulder or clipped around your waist. As a waist bag, it is shaped asymmetrically to fit perfectly behind your right hip. Inside and out, there are tons of pockets to carry everything you need for your adventurous city explorations. Stash subway cards, gum, and tissue in the easy-access slots, and your phone, camera, and other devices in the cushioned pockets. Earphones can be threaded through a hole so that you don't have to leave the bag unzipped when listening to music. The large main compartment holds your guidebook and snacks. Valuables including your passport can go in the back cushioned pocket. The pocket lies against your body and the outside is covered in a breathable mesh material, keeping that area of your waist feeling airy. A separate pouch is attached by velcro to the strap, and is removable. It holds a small cell phone or camera, and slots inside are perfect for coins or train schedules. Or, if you are leaving the main bag behind for a quick outing, the pouch slots conveniently hold basic essentials such as your ID and credit card.
Model NumberNOMADIC WL-27 GRAY
Weight12.5 ounces
Exterior Color Gray
Features Waist Belt
Interior Color Blue (Light Blue)
Material Nylon
Number of Compartments 13
Size - Depth 10 cm
Size - Length 16.5 cm
Size - Width 32 cm
Take Size A4 Notebook No

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