Nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker A4 Shoulder Bag - Gray

Nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker A4 Shoulder Bag - Gray

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Japan, with its dense population and complicated subway lines, creates the need for bags that can withstand crowds, walking and maneuvering. Hidden and/or easily accessible pockets, bags that stay close to your body and durable material are all critical for such travelers.

The Nomadic WR-08 is a shoulder bag designed for the busy city denizen. It features pockets that you can access without unbuckling the bag, so you don't have to show inner contents to others. A ticket or card can be removed from the outside zippered pocket, the side mesh side pocket can take 500 ml bottles, the inner mesh and nylon pockets can hold more items like gum, lighters, wallets or small albums, the secured inner mesh pockets are useful for checkbooks and bank booklets, an A4 (8.3 x 11.7") size pocket can hold your papers and folders, nylon inner pockets are great for CDs and media, a B5 (7" x 9.8") pocket can be used for notepads and a large free space area can hold everything else you need for life on the go.

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If I had reviewed this...
July 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
If I had reviewed this upon receiving it, I would have given it 5 stars, but I've had this bag since around last October and I've had a few issues with it. I love the slim design, all the separate places to store things, and the bright orange interior but am unhappy about the way this project has held up.

Here are some issues that I've had:

This bag is not waterproof or even it seems water repellent. I've been caught in a couple of rainstorms and even the stuff in the big storage area in the middle gets wet; anything in any of the outer pockets gets soaked.

Even though I've had it for less than a year it is starting to show serious signs of wear and tear, most obvious being that the underside of the padded shoulder strap has torn in several places (along natural fold lines). Granted I use this bag almost every day but rarely does it have anything heavy (I've put my netbook in it 3x, otherwise the heaviest thing in it is my wallet. I have not overstuffed). Also I'e had other messenger bags (primarily Timbuk2) for several years that didn't show any wear and tear other than some dirt. These bags are roughly in the same price range so I expected them to hold up better.
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I've had this bag for...
May 1, 2012
I've had this bag for around 3 years now and it is still a 5 star product hands down! I just wanted to mention one thing --

The bag I got is the one shown here, the light grey version. I have it hanging from my right shoulder and I guess, when I had my winter coat on, the rubbing of the bag on my coat made the inner side of the bag turn black in some sports. I haven't tried cleaning this yet but I am not even sure how I can start to remove the "stain..."

If possible, purchase the black bag because this will not show stains. My entire bag is still clean and spotless with the exception of the "back of this bag"....

Hope this helps. Cheers!
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This bag is absolutely...
September 27, 2011

This bag is absolutely amazing. So many pockets but that's not it - all the pockets are strategically placed for a wide variety of uses. For example, the big pocket that is accessed through the top of the bag is great to put things in that you use often (IE, your cell phone, keys, etc). Then there are are the two big pockets under the flap, and behind that is a zippered pocket for anything you want to keep safe.

I have owned this bag for about two years now and have used it 5 days a week for the past 1.5 years. I've had no issues at all with it. it actually still looks brand new but the cloth has worn in a little (not in a bad way) and is more flexible now than it was when it was brand new. I have this bag in grey and I want the one in black too!

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I have used this bag...
June 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
I have used this bag for a couple of weeks. I agree with previous reviews: 1) a grab handle would be a wonderful addition and make it much easier to get a fully loaded bag out of the car without dropping it; 2) waterproofing would be a good addition if it can be done without adding alot of weight. As it happens I live in a dry climate and this is not an immediarte problem from, but it it is wet out you don't want to have your smart phone in the bag. If I had a tablet I would definitely want to have it in a padded envelope inside the bag. Otherwise, great to toting almost anything back and forth to work includingsome small tems.
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I love this bag. I have...
November 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love this bag. I have to carry a lot with me (Books, binders, drafting material, lunch, water etc) and everything for the daily life has its place. I can just grab in my bag and know exactly what I'll find in which pocket.