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Wow this bag is AWESOME!...
April 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
Wow this bag is AWESOME! I got mine this afternoon and I can already tell it is going to be a complete workhorse. As a graphic designer and a girl I'm dragging around a lot of stuff all the time. This bag is extremely lightweight and has lots of compartments for organization (as you can see in the product picture) but it's not huge, which is nice because I am not huge either. LOL So I can wear it messenger bag style and not be completely dwarfed by it - always a plus in my book.

So far, the superior part of this bag would be the pockets on the back. I have my wallet in the in-between velcro closed pocket and it's awesome to be able to grab my wallet without having to open the bag flap and/or show all the weirdos in line behind me all the stuff in my bag. I'm keeping all the other stuff I need to grab quickly (phone, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc) in the zippered pocket with all the organizational slots and so far everything is easily accessible without slopping everywhere. The inner pockets are great for my sketchbook, notebooks and anything else I would want to keep clean and looking nice. I especially like that the inner zipper has a little collar to (hopefully) keep weather out of the main pocket. I'm not commuting via public transit anymore, but I spent many years riding buses and trains and I could see this being perfect in public transit situations.

Yes, it is a pricey bag, but so far it blows everything else I've had out of the water. Unless the strap suddenly drops off or all the seams spontaneously explode, I am looking forward to using this bag for a long time. Well worth the cost in my opinion!
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I did a full scale review...
May 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I did a full scale review of this bag, complete with photos, on my blog. It is the perfect sketching bag! You can see the full review here: http://hudsonvalleysketches.blogspot.com/2011/05/review-of-nomadic-wise-walker -messenger.html
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There've been some great...
November 20, 2011
Verified Purchase
There've been some great reviews about this bag, not just on JetPens, but in blogs and other vendor websites as well - after having used the bag for about a month, and now I can now say that all those reviews are justified.

I use this bag for a couple of different purposes. Despite there being a ton of different pockets, each one is very accessible, and I'm not forced to pry into any of the pockets to ready myself for a different job. I'm not going to go into detail about every nook and cranny, but here are some features of the bag I like best.

The Main Pocket: And by "main", I really mean the biggest pocket - I'd argue that the zippered pen/pencil pocket is the one I access the most, but more on that later. The main pocket is zippered and located down the center of the bag, hidden by the big flap. It is large enough to fit my 14.1 inch (widescreen) laptop, and while my particular model is a thin-and-light, it would easily be able to contain one of any thickness. By my estimate, it'd be able to handle up to 15 inch laptops, but anything beyond that might be a stretch.

The lining of this pocket, as with the inner linings of the rest of the bag, is a nylon that's less rugged than the outside nylon, and it likely wouldn't be abrasive to any electronics you stick in there. Within these nylon walls is a very thin padding. It's not by any means mean't for protection, but it does make it so that you can't feel anything poking through from the bag's other pockets. Sadly, the bottom of this pocket isn't padded :( This is the main reason I use a laptop sleeve, because when I put the bag down on a hard floor, I'm afraid of breaking something.

Another neat feature of this pocket is that it's got a lip at the top where the zipper is (visible in one of JetPen's photos) that extends the storage height by about 3-4 inches. This leeway makes the main pocket more versatile than that of many bags I've seen/used.

Accessory Pocket: This is the pocket closes to the zippered pocket closest to the body when wearing the bag. There are no dedicated mini-slots to slide in individual pencils/pens, but I think this is part of the genius. I use everything from fountain pens to drafting pencils, and more often than not, individual pencil/pen slots don't fit my writing tools properly. The pockets in the Nomadic are made of tough sturdy mesh, allowing me to slip my pens with even the strongest-gripping clips into any pocket without fear of ruining the bag fabric. The white mesh is also pretty see-thru, which is great for artists who label their pencils/pens on pen casings.

The Strap: Just a little thing, but something I'm very particular about. Many bags have a sliding pad that you can adjust according to how you wear the bag. The Nomadic makes things a lot simpler - just pad the whole strap! No matter how I wear it, it is padded at my shoulder, and I don't have to fiddle or adjust anything to get that effect. As with any bag, you have to adjust the length of the strap to fit your height. After having done this when I first got the bag, I haven't had to re-adjust the strap length at all, which is something I've had to do with some bags because I carry a pretty heavy load at times.

ONLY TWO GRIPES: There are other things about the bag that I like, but they've mostly be said by other reviewers already. There are only two things I wish this bag featured: the first is a short handle so that it can be carried like a briefcase. When I'm lugging the bag out of my car, there isn't much to grab onto, and I've basically got to man-handle it until I'm able to get it on my shoulder. I'm not sure if this feature would actually be possible though, based on how the bag's design.

The second thing I'd wish for is a waterproofed finish. Considering the cost of the bag, I was hoping that the outer material would repel water better, but it doesn't :( I was standing out in a drizzle one day talking to a friend, and I could feel the outer material of the bag getting soft. I realized the water was saturating it.

Normally I wouldn't give 5 stars to something that "could have been better", but I feel like I won't find another bag out there that will come as close to meeting my needs as this one.

Things I regularly carry in the bag all at once (and still with empty pockets and room to spare):
-14.1in laptop (in sleeve)
-one 8 1/4" x 5 7/8" Black n Red notebook
-two 11 3/4" x 8 1/4" Black n Red notebooks
-two moleskins
-Nook Color (in case)
-a ziplock of dried fruits/nuts
-iriver mp3 payer
-Klipsch earbud case (maybe 5x3in)
-cables for Nook, iriver, mobile phone, and laptop
-mini-mouse for laptop
-Belkin mini-power strip (only about 7x4in)
-Variety of 9 pens/pencils, boxy eraser, lead cases
-gum, microfiber cloth
-bottled water
-a couple of file folders for loose papers

All this stuff does make the bag a bit bulky, but it doesn't feel like the bag is exploding, and the pockets direct the mass in such a way that it doesn't look like I'm carrying a duffel bag.

BOTTOM LINE: This isn't the cheapest messenger bag out there, but it's also not the type of bag I'll find myself replacing 3 years later due to finding something better. I'll probably be using this bag for a long time, not only because of its usefulness, but also it's solid construction. In that time, I can't imagine that I'll find a use for every last pocket in this thing, but if I do, I'll have considered this one of the best purchases I ever made!
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I've had this bag for...
October 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've had this bag for about a month now, and I am totally and completely in love with it. This bag replaced my "high school sport style" anime bag (the blue with the grey handles) which held a lot, but I kept losing things in the giant big pocket. This bag has so many pockets that I don't know where to begin. I use this bag for college, and here are some of the various items that fit:

*11" HP dm1z laptop
*Three B5-sized Kyouko binders
*Four B5-sized 100 pg Kyouko Campus Notebooks
*Nomadic light blue PN-91pencil case
*A few separate pen sets (5 pen and 12 pens)
*A 5 pack of hilighters


There are keys and my cellphone too, plus my glasses case in one of the mesh outer pockets, sometimes my cell phone in the other if I don't zip it into the top pocket. My entire school life, save for my textbooks, fits in this bag. I'm surprised every single day by the amount of crap I can pull out of it and throw on my bed. There are items that I haven't even mentioned stashed in that bag, and I'm pretty sure I've already lost things in one of the many pockets this bag contains. I totally recommend it for the person who loves to never be without their stuff during the day.
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I can easily pack an...
January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
I can easily pack an overnight's worth of clothing and books within and have room to spare. I use this bag regularly with my job and in my free time. All of the pockets are useful as is the bright orange interior. Would have rated higher had there been no Velcro-like closures throughout. I do not care for that noise when used; however, I am pleased with my purchase.
Love this bag. It has...
December 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love this bag. It has so many pockets, is a wonderful color, and I love the lining. This is my second purchase of a Wise-Walker bag for the men in my life. This one was for my college student son who needed an upgrade to his years old backpack. This bag allows for more organization with papers, books, etc. Great quality. I look forward to buying another as soon as I can find someone to give it to. =D
I bought one for my husband,...
September 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought one for my husband, and he is completely in love with it.

The husband likes to keep certain things with him for his commute: notebooks, iPad or laptop, pencils and pens, an umbrella, books to read, a drink, a bento lunch, phone, calculator, and so forth. He was carrying a backpack, but his work locker is too small to hold all but the smallest of them, and those were too flimsy for all the things he wanted to carry. The Wise Walker is sturdy, but folds in half to fit inside his locker easily.

When he carries it, it always hangs perfectly on his hip, close enough that he never smacks anyone on the bus when he's getting a seat, but not so close that it's rubbing against him. Everything is within easy reach for him, too. The orange interior makes it easy to find what he's looking for inside, providing it's not orange, of course. Still, there are pockets for everything, and he's using most of them for all the things he needs to have with him. The more he uses, the more uses he finds for the pockets.

Within one week of owning it, he told me that he couldn't imagine what life was like before he had this bag.

I should probably order a spare, for the day his current Nomadic wears out. I know he'll be crying if he can't replace it. I wish Nomadic would continue making it. It's a gem of a commuter bag.
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