Noodler's Ink - Specialty Ink - 4.5 oz Eye Dropper System - Heart of Darkness + Free Fountain Pen

Noodler's Ink - Specialty Ink - 4.5 oz Eye Dropper System - Heart of Darkness + Free Fountain Pen

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Set includes one 4.5 oz eyedropper bottle and one fountain pen. Ink should be used with enclosed pen or other eyedropper pens only to avoid clogging. You can make your own eye dropper pen with this tutorial.

The very first fountain pens were mainly eyedropper filled fountain pens. It remains as a highly reliable style (no sac to integrate, no mechanism to fail, or replacement cartridge needed) and is highly efficient since it maximizes ink reservoir capacity by utilizing the entire barrel. Each Noodler's dropper bottle comes with an eye dropper cap that you can use to fill your pens with.

This fountain pens set comes with a modern eyedropper fountain pen. It has an anodized black stainless steel nib, etched plastic feed with numerous internal fins to better regulate ink flow, and a fully visible ink chamber. Just use the eyedropper to fill the fountain pen barrel with ink and you are ready to write! No cartridge or converter needed.

Customer Reviews

This is beautifully black...
October 16, 2010
This is beautifully black ink. It's as black as copier toner, but without the slight shine that toner has, and it dries pretty fast. Spilling water on a page of text drawn with this ink will cause it to gray the water very slightly, but basically all of the ink stays put.

The pen is a Platinum Preppy; it's fine, but don't worry about the $3 pen. This ink is rather fabulous.
Great ink! It's a really...
October 8, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great ink! It's a really bold, solid black. No watery-ness or shading here.

The pen is great---looks to be a preppy with no logos. I'm not sure it will hold up forever, but it's a great way to get started with eyedropper pens. This is my first eye dropper system, and it's been a good way to get started with eyedroppers. Likely I'll upgrade pens when this one wears out, but I don't think that will happen for a long time.

Good value---the bottle of ink is massive! I dont' anticipate running out of this ink for a VERY long time.
good, solid black. Chances...
September 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
good, solid black. Chances are, your free pen isn't really going to last, but even so, it's still worth every single penny. Even better if you have eyedropper pens.
I am a left hander. This...
March 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
I am a left hander. This curse has plagued me for my entire 16 year life. For the majority of my life i have used pencils, but after a long days work my hand looks like a penguins flipper. i switched to mechanical pencils, they worked better, but my need to take stuff apart made them useless. Then I went to pens, which took the two bad parts of traditional and mechanical pencils. Now on the advice of my father i purchased some Noodler's Ink. After 2 weeks of using it, my hands are clean and I enjoy the ritual of refilling my classy, 3 dollar fountain pen. I cannot right fast enough to get ink on my hands.

It just makes me think were all those years of learning Japanese gone to waste? (Japanese writes right to left)

I think not

Noodlers ? ???? ??.
Blackest Black I've ever...
February 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
Blackest Black I've ever used. It matches the black on forms I've used. Sometimes blacker. It's pretty black. Maybe ultimate black.

It takes a few seconds longer to dry than the polar black I've used, but that's fine. I tested the how resistant it was to water, alcohol, and bleach once dried on paper - and it's resistant. Won't run.

I use the transparent fountain pen it came with to use with other ink I don't use very much - like my black light ink. It writes well, but I want to use this ink in my fancy looking pens.