Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng Ink - 4.5 oz Bottle with Free Pen

Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng Ink - 4.5 oz Bottle with Free Pen

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Noodler's inks are known for their affordability, wide range of colors, and good performance on more absorbent papers that are not normally fountain pen friendly. They are also known for their distinctive label art, featuring unique drawings that often reflect their creator's strongly held political and economic ideals. Dedicated to keeping prices as low as possible, Noodler's uses simple bottles and packaging, with boxes made of recycled paper. All Noodler's inks are 100% made in the USA.

This unique indigo ink was reverse-engineered from remnants of ancient inkstones used by early Chinese royalty during the time of Confucius. In gratitude for the assistance Noodler's received in recreating this special ink, it is named in honor of the 77th lineal descendant of Confucius, Mr. Kung Te-Cheng.

Special Properties:

  • Bulletproof: This ink is water resistant on cellulose-based papers and resists all known tools of forgers, including UV light, bleach, alcohol, and other solvents. This ink may still be vulnerable to smearing when exposed to water.
  • Eternal: Made to resist the effects of time, this ink is archival, fade resistant, and unaffected by humid or acidic conditions.

This ink comes with a free "Charlie" eyedropper pen, which can be filled using the eyedropper built into the bottle's cap. The color and pattern of the pen cap may vary from the pen pictured.


  • This ink uses a special formulation that can cause clogs if allowed to dry out inside a pen. Noodler's recommends only using this ink in the included Charlie pen. If a clog does occur, we recommend flushing the pen with a 10:1 solution of water and ammonia.
  • This ink comes in a 4.5 ml glass eyedropper bottle.
  • Glass Noodler's ink bottles are filled to the brim with ink. Be careful when opening to avoid spilling.
  • The included pen may have a strong smell when it is first received. The smell will fade over time and with use.
  • See this chart for a list of Noodler's inks and their special properties.

This is the 4.5 oz Kung Te-Cheng ink. Photos of a pen filled with ink feature the pen and ink from the 4.5 oz Heart of Darkness ink.

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Customer Reviews

so just an fyi... the...
August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
so just an fyi... the blue pen that it comes with is actually a pentel aquash waterbrush...

please restock please.... the package said that this specific color had limited release, and i hope that they make MORE.... its a beautiful color... a royal navy blue that has a hint of purple in it..

i love it... hope this isnt the last i see of it.. would be very sad if i'd never be able to experience this color again .....

enjoy :D
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I love the color of the...
July 21, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love the color of the ink (purple-blue). The flow is great and it smells like authentic ink. It is very heavy as it bleeds through regular copy paper. Thicker paper holds up better to this ink. The fountain pen that was included has a 0.3 mm nib. This should indicate a "fine" point nib however it writes more like a medium. I love the convenience of dropper pens. I haven't had a chance to use the watercolor pen but I am excited about it.
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For anyone looking for...
January 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
For anyone looking for an alternative to using this ink without the pens that came with the bottle I have one for you.

I am using this ink in a Platinum Preppy 03 fountain pen using a cartridge to hold the ink. It is working very well and I don't have to be nervous about accidently unscrewing the body of the pen and dumping the ink all over the place. I use a syringe to fill the cartridge and so far I have had wonderful success with it.

I did have the cap of the Preppy pen that came with my bottle crack and that caused my pen to not be able to maintain the nib moisture level and it was extremely hard to keep writing. Since discovering the crack and swaping caps with the 2nd pen that came in the box there have been no issues and these pens write as soon as the nib touches the paper without fail.

Still LOVE this color, I hope they keep making it!
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This is absolutely wonderful...
November 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is absolutely wonderful ink! It arrived in three days all the way across the US which was a total surprise to me. Then when I filled the included fountain pen and started using it I was once again in total shock. The ink looks vaguely purple-blue as it goes onto the paper but the dries quickly to a deep purple that has a different look than the purple with redish tinges you usually get. It dries quickly which is nice and has worked well on every type of paper I've used it on which have ranged from my journal to recycled notebook paper. I was a little skeptical about the fountain pen when I first saw it but it writes with a very nice fine line. The only thing I had to work out was getting the pen started the first few times I used it, but now a few days into using it and it starts immediately and consistently.

In short, order this ink. You won't regret it. The color is beautiful and unique. I sincerely hope that Noodler's Ink can make more of this color and that Jet Pens continues to carry Noodler's Inks the way they are now. They have the best selection of anywhere I have been able to find.

Awesome job folks..... Thank you so much.....
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This has quickly become...
August 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
This has quickly become my very favorite ink! It's not quite blue, not quite purple, but it's definitely dark and clear. I also really like the included pen, which is easy to fill and has a nice smooth line (I'm not sure if that's due to the pen, the ink, or the combination, but whichever, it's great).