Obun NUboard Whiteboard Notebook - Memo Size

Obun NUboard Whiteboard Notebook - Memo Size

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Whether you're in school or in the work field, this portable whiteboard is a useful tool to have when you do presentations. Two double-sided whiteboards are conveniently bound into a notebook and held shut by an elastic band for easy portability. Using whiteboard markers, you can draw diagrams and write notes to present to classmates or colleagues. Next to each of the four whiteboard surfaces is a clear plastic page, where you can make additional markings to overlay on top of the whiteboard. The plastic pages also act as a protective layer over the whiteboards. Also, regular printed sheets can be inserted between the plastic pages, so you can mark the plastic rather than the paper to emphasize important points. Erase what you don't need and keep re-writing on the whiteboards and plastic sheets!

Only whiteboard markers should be used. Markings left on the whiteboards for more than two days may not be easily erasable, and markings left on the plastic pages for more than several hours may not be easily erasable.

This is the Memo size notebook. Photos showing writing feature the A4 size notebook.

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A very light and portable...
May 8, 2016
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A very light and portable note-taker. I found this very handy for jotting things down temporarily, making lists for travel and whatnot. It's smaller than a regular whiteboard, so it fits in all my bag/pocket books and it's nice having four pages of dry erase to fill with anything you want.

Two minor things to note:
-The covers ARE made of cardboard. I spilled tea on it at some point and warped the cover. :( The plastic/whiteboard contents are still perfectly fine, but it's a bit annoying that the covers no longer line up properly.
-I've noticed my dry erase markers sometimes leaves little scratches/nicks on the whiteboard surface after erasing. That happens to whiteboards, but it's worth noting as an aesthetics thing.

In any case, I've had mine for two years and I still think it's irreplaceable.
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