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I own a lot of fountain...
February 1, 2014
Verified Purchase
I own a lot of fountain pens, including a Parker Centennial Duofold two a few 1980's era Rotrings, a Conklin, and an inexpensive Lamy. The Ohto Dude was a really great surprise. It always writes, even if it has been capped for three weeks. It is perfectly balanced in my hand. I never find ink on my hands after I have handled it. The body is tough— I am not gentle with $25 pens, but this one still looks like it is out of the box. This is my go to, everyday, no big deal if I lose it, always reliable pen. I use bottled ink. My grandkids will have— and use— this pen if I do not lose it and the culture has not completely lost the satisfying feel of a nib traveling down a piece of paper turning thoughts into memories.
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Although I gave this...
February 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
Although I gave this pen an overall 5 stars because of its final performance and design, I'd say that my initial experience was mixed. But that was my own fault.

The pen wrote right out of the package quite smoothly with the two cartridges it came with. However, the cartridges were a weaker black ink (like the black in Pilot Frixion pens), so I got the Monteverde Fountain Pen Converter (not the mini one!) to use with my own ink. After I filled it up with ink, the pen began to skip constantly and stop writing after leaving it alone (capped) for a few minutes. I had to use pressure and writing became uncomfortable with it.

I've read some other reviews that claim to have this same issue. Although my experience may not be the same as theirs, I found out that I was filling up my converter the wrong way (for the right way, check out JetPen's super helpful article http://www.jetpens.com/articles/Article:_How_to_Use_a_Fountain_Pen_Converter) and after I did it correctly, my pen was writing like before: super-smooth, no skipping, lots of ink flow and continuous writing after leaving it alone without having to tap the pen or shake it! The converter looks very fancy and stays secure without leaking.

This pen is a dream! The nib is engraved with "iridium point" and looks beautiful. The metal body is blue, not painted blue (so the blue won't wear off), although the "Dude" printed on the cap is painted on, so it will fade more quickly. The pen is relatively heavy, but my personal preference likes heavier pens. Although I expected the grip to be rubber, it was plastic. Small disappointment, but it still functioned well as a grip. The clip is REALLY tight, but not to the point it's impossible to clip anything, and the cap clicks on very firmly and securely.

The cap, when put on the other end, does not click on, but it stays there without moving until you take it back off. I'm a little concerned with the lack of a clicking mechanism, as this will wear out the barrel end. I will have to say that this "fine" point was a little ink thirsty, and thus, it wrote more like a medium point than a fine. Still, it was a nice writing experience.

Now get it. This pen is stylish and great to write with.
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I’ve had my Ohto dude...
November 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I’ve had my Ohto dude now for about a month and it has really grown on me.

At first I was not sure because it was supposed to be a fine nib, and I would actually say it is more of a medium one. Which surprised me because everyplace I read said that Japan made FP nibs tend to be finer than European made nibs. Still the Ohto dude has become my favorite pen to sample inks in because it flows so freely. I do use a converter. The nib is smooth and writes nicely.

The weight of the pen feels perfect to me, and I have small hands. The cap posts nicely. It does click into place when not using the pen.

For the cost, this is a nice fountain pen.
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It always seemed to me...
August 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
It always seemed to me that Ohto is a very quality brand. Those nice photos from Jetpens.com are very nice. I am a pen and pencil collector, so the day came when I could order an Ohto fountain pen, and I ordered a beautiful Ohto Dude blue with a fine nib. I was not dissapointed. The pen writes superb, and it has a very fine quality look, just as the photos in Jetpens look. I have been using the pen now for about a month and it has never failed me. I use a converter and Noodler's black ink. I have many expensive pens and this Ohto looks like the expensive ones. If you like to test a quality pen, you will not repent if you buy one of these.
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Pedro AKA vhbaske
:UPDATE: It's been...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase

It's been a while and I've been using this pen to write pages upon pages of notes! The pen flows a lot of ink and so far it's been great with keeping up with my fast, chicken scratch writing. Hahaha I've had to refill my converter every weekend!

Don't forget about the ink you use! I made a HUGE mistake with my other pens by using artists' ink. Also, I learned about priming, which is basically to get the ink flowing on the nib manually before getting the rest to flow with natural cohesion (this didn't affect me, since I used a converter). Ack, me and my lack of knowledge on pens!
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Great pen for the price....
June 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great pen for the price. I put in a cartridge and in a couple of shakes the pen was writing, I didn't even have to rinse the pen, it wrote right out of the package. Good deal, nice shape, good size pen, will be an everyday carry around everywhere pen for me.
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This pen uses International...
October 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pen uses International Standard short cartridges, so you have a greater range of inks to choose from than those which use company-specific cartridges. It has room enough to hold two of them. This is worth the price of admission itself, because it has ended my habit of endlessly opening the pen to check the cartridge to see how much ink remains. I have two cartridges in there. I can write until the first runs out, knowing I have a complete second one as a spare.

The barrel and cap are lightweight metal, probably aluminum. I don't know how the color is going to hold up but it appears to be anodized and not painted, so it may hold up well indeed.

Some reviews say the point is scratchy. Mine is not. It is a fine point, smooth, and quite wet. The rate at which it is using ink might concern me but (a) it's not TOO fast and (b) Second cartridge, idiot! You've got a spare, stop worrying about it!

It's a very nice pen for the money. Heck, it's a very nice pen, full stop.

If only they'd called it something better than Dude!
Feels great in the hand,...
March 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Feels great in the hand, has a good weight to it. However, the nib is really scratchy! It feels awful. I will probably try and polish it down with some micro-mesh, and will update my review if I have any success with that.
While the pen is very...
October 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
While the pen is very well made and balances nicely it is not perfect. The fine tip is not very fine and while it writes smoothly, it delivers too much ink to my Moleskein pad and my tiny writing is unreadable (more than usual). The two cartridges in the body tend to rattle which is annoying when I write. Also, the cartridge has to be manually pushed into the pen tip as opposed to every other fountain pen I have ever used which pierces the cartridge when screwed down.
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