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For the price, this pen...
November 1, 2011
For the price, this pen is TOPS.

I actually picked this up locally from a San Francisco retailer but I thought I'd holler on customers behalf, that they have a winner here.

Ergonomically, this could have a better grip, but its not a deal breaker nor do I find myself fatigued in its use. It looks much more expensive than its $ price tag suggests. The fit and finish is easily found on pens over twice as much.

Now for the writing - initially I hated this pen. HATED. It was finicky and wouldn't write on cheap paper. Sometimes it wouldn't write AT ALL. It skipped like a 5 yr old girl, etc.

After I PRIMED the pen however, it has been performing like a dream, laying down lines like Tony Montana. Smooth, dancing lines like a ballerina. This thing sings on my Moleskine, can't wait to try it on my Rhodias.

I'll be upgrading my fountain pen inventory soon, maybe a Sailor here, a Pelikan there....but I know right now this one will always be in heavy rotation. I picked up a converter from here, and will write a review after a few week's trial.
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This pen is very nice!...
September 24, 2011
This pen is very nice! A little slippery to hold though, so not good for pen tricks, ha. My friend recommended it to me when I wanted to try out fountain pens for the first time. It's definitely beginner-friendly (as long as you're a responsible, sensible user) and ink cartridge installation is a breeze.

The ink itself flows pretty consistently, with very faint scratchiness if you write at extreme angles. Right now I'm using the original ink included in the pen (it comes with 2 cartridges in the body) and it's a nice solid black, though sometimes it comes out watery. But I think that's only because I dropped it once, and something came loose (it made a weird metal jingling noise whenever I shake it or tilt it now). Not to mention the nib became bent off-center so I had to gently use my fingers to maneuver it back into place. (It was surprisingly cooperative.) Before the fall, the ink flow was virtually perfect.

Though...funny thing is, I accidentally dropped it again a few days ago, and the jingling noise disappeared. Hopefully whatever it was fixed itself!

Overall, I'd rate this pen to be reliable, classy, and portable. I also like how it's a lot lighter than it looks, so my hand doesn't get tired when writing it. Treat it well (as in, better than I do) and it'll serve you faithfully.
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Pretty good fountain...
June 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
Pretty good fountain pen for the price - body is a little slender for my tastes but thats really just my fault for not buying the Spirit (next purchase!). The Lapa actually has a FINE nib - almost Japanese FINE. So beware if you're used to European "fine" meaning Japanese "Medium"
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I have 2 of these pens...
November 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have 2 of these pens and have never had any trouble with them at all. I bought a converter and use Noodler's ink, and they write smoothly and steadily with no skips unless the ink level is very, very low. I can't comment on the ink that comes with the pens, as I didn't try it.
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Really like these OHTO...
November 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
Really like these OHTO pens and it's too bad they're not better known in the US. I had ordered OHTOs from Japan before, directly from the manufacturer and it's nice to have a US company distributing them. Jetpens would do well to carry more of the models and more rollerballs presently only available in Japan.
I just got this pen....
September 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
I just got this pen. It is not FINE. The size of the ball at the end of the nib is more than 1mm. It flows like a river too and it writes thicker than my Pilot metropolitan and thicker than Lamy Safary. The thickness of the line is also about 1mm. I am a big fan of extra fine to fine pens and this is a huge disappointment.
I love this pen. For...
October 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen. For the price it's the best you will get for a formal looking pen. It writes wonderfully. It's not very heavy, but in my book that's a pro.
I have this pen and love...
April 26, 2011
Verified Purchase
I have this pen and love it. It is beautiful and makes an excellent every day writer. It is elegant enough for business and pleasure. I have the converter but have yet to use it. I have been writing with the Ohto ink cartridges and the pen writes every time. I will probably get another one to use with the converter.
In my opinion this pen's...
February 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
In my opinion this pen's design is poor. Central ring (between barrel and section parts) is pretty thick and sharp. So unless you hold the pen by the section part (that is very close to the nib, approx .75 inch) if feels uncomfortable and your fingers hurt in five minutes of writing.
Compare it with the design of Pilot Cavalier pen with very thin central ring that allows you any grip you like or design of Kaweco Sport pen with no central ring at all. They are a little bit more expensive but they are really worth it.
Oh, yes. Want me ANOTHER...
May 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Oh, yes. Want me ANOTHER one of these! I've had one for just a day or so now (including note-taking in a 2-hour college class), and I'm SOLD. I was really just looking for an inexpensive "testbed" FP, really. Just an inexpensive pen that I could use just for test-driving different (bottled) inks. Yeah, I know--convert a four-dollar Platinum Preppy into an "eyedropper" or get a converter ($7-8) for the Preppy to allow it to suck ink. Well, the eyedropper conversion business is cute, but just for "testing," I don't need THAT big a reservoir, for one thing. And getting a converter for a Preppy turns your four-dollar Preppy into an ELEVEN-dollar Preppy, in case you hadn't noticed. That's the OTHER nice thing about the Ohto F-Lapa. It takes the short "international" standard cartridges (and comes WITH two of them), BUT the Ohto converter for it (at this writing) is only A BUCK SIXTY-FIVE. How cool is that?? Actually nice enough to be an "everyday" pen, but WITH A CONVERTER, it's <$20. It writes as well as my Lamy Safaris (= better than ANY Preppy). The F-Lapa is ALUMINUM, too, not plastic. Yes, it is slim, but nothing my fairly large hands couldn't get used to. No, it doesn't have the nice triangular "ergonomic grip" of the Lamy, either. But neither does a Preppy--or a zillion other FPs. How does it WRITE? Mine writes--PERFECTLY. Out of the gate. Er, bag. No priming, prepping, rinsing, nothing. Dump the two cartridges out out, snap on the converter, suck up a load of ink. Bam. Now, to be sure, I'm using Noodler's Black ink and I'm writing on non-cheap (90g Clairefontaine) paper, so YMMV, of course. Zip, zero, nada problems with the Fine nib. Not scratchy (as others have described), not "wet," I didn't have to "rotate" the pen and write upside down or off-angle, or do anything strange for it to write PERFECTLY. Starts up every time on the first stroke of the first character (Noodler's?), no skipping, no grief. Even the ($1.65) Ohto converter fills up nicely (good seal, good suction?), compared to others I've used. Just a sec--yep, it writes fine on deskjet paper and on Office Depot legal pads, too.
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