Ohto F-Spirit Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Silver Clip

Ohto F-Spirit Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Silver Clip

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The F-Spirit from Ohto embodies the spirit of a fountain pen with its bold curves and defined clip and trim. Each pen has an iridium nib (from Germany) and an aluminum body and cap. Gold and Silver clip models are available and each measures 5.59 inches (142 mm) long when capped. This fountain pen can be refilled with a standard international short ink cartridge refill.

Two Black short international size ink cartridges are included.

Customer Reviews

I got mine in the mail...
June 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
I got mine in the mail today!! Hurriedly went and put ink to the converter and stuck it on the pen. At first, i was VERY dissapointed. The pen was writing horribly. It was very scartchy and skipped 80% of the time. I gave up after trying to getting it to write properly. I put it aside with the pen capped and nib down. After about 20 mins i tried it again and voila! It wrote like a dream with no skipping. I put on j herbin cafe des iles ink and i love it! This pen is my first non disposable fountain pen, ive been using platinum preppy and pilot petit 1 for half a year and i thought this pen would be worth a try, and it is! For only 16 dollars, this pen offers a lot. Sleek design and nicely etched nib and an aluminum barrel! Usually u can only get plastic barrelled f-pens with this amount of money! I highly recommend this awesome pen to fountain pen beginners :)
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The only reason...
April 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
The only reason that I decided to give this pen two stars is because of the pen itself. The pen upon receiving wrote very well and very finely. I was actually thinking of ordering another. Later less than a month after purchase a big issue came about. When one was to remove the cap from the pen the entire nib, feed, cartridge, etc. came out. When removing the cap you were only left with the "writing part" and the barrel.
Yet the thing that disturbed me the most was the return policy of JetPens. "Items must be in brand new condition, unopened and have their original barcode sticker, original packaging, etc (if applicable) to qualify for a refund." The idea of returning something with all of it's original packaging is insane! How is one to even use the pen without writing with it???!!! Ink also cannot have been ever run through the pen! Due to this insane return policy I do not see ordering many other things from Jet Pens in the future!
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Received mine today....
December 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Received mine today. Writes nicely. I'm still getting used to the very fine nib. I've used mostly medium nibs so I'm not sure if the slight scratchiness I feel is just to be expected with a nib the fine. Good ink flow, works well with a converter. A rather light weight pen but expected at the price. I think I'm going to like it just fine. Really can't beat it at the price.
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Great fountain pen for...
July 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great fountain pen for the price. I fill it with Waterman Absolute Brown ink ans it writes wonderfull.Good deal!.The fine nib is smooth.
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Was a bit leery when...
April 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
Was a bit leery when I received the pen as it had astrip of dried glue stuck to it & the metal part of the nib was out of line with the black plastic part of the feed underneath. However, it was easy to straighten & hasn't drifted out of alignment yet. It also writes beautifully and smoothly with the included black cartridge. Not the finest of the fine nibs -- by Japanese-manufactured standards -- but doesn't bleed where others do. Looks & performs like a pen costing at least double. Yet to try it with the Ohto adapter...
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