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  Excellent writer. Nice..., December 10, 2010
By jay
Excellent writer. Nice fine smooth line.

Contrary to what's indicated in some of the other reviews, the cap DOES post to the end of the pen. It has to be mated properly. A sleeve on the cap slides under a mating piece on the body. When properly mated, the cap becomes an almost seamless extension of the body of the pen. It's the best, most secure method of posting a cap I've ever seen.
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  Very impressed with this..., May 10, 2013
Very impressed with this pen! Just got away from an extended note - filled meeting, and feel great at this purchase. The pen in its closed state is fairly compact and slim. The pen opens to a fairly long length that definitely doesn't feel very cramped or overly compact, which makes it easier to handle for my larger hands despite how slender the body is. The weighting is solid, but despite that, the pen remains quite flickable and light around the balance point - a feature I've found with many pens in the Ohto lineup.

Writing is quite smooth and easy, thanks to the standard Ohto ink cartridge. The pen responds well to a light touch, but the spring responds well to a heavy touch. The ink flows well, but be careful with thinner papers - a heavy hand may lead to a little bleed.

Finally, as to the caps - I've found remembering the following points helpful. In setting the cap, first, remember that the cap sits precisely 180 degrees from how it sits on the other end. If you flip the barrel 180 degrees, it lines up precisely. Second, the easiest way to center the cap on the post is to tuck the silver - colored flange flush to the chrome silver post, and push the cap into place.
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  I love the pen - it's..., August 11, 2012
By lug...
I love the pen - it's look and feel are outstanding. When it first arrived, I was thrilled by how smoothly it wrote, but after some use I noticed it began to skip. It got to the point that I could not use it. I assumed I was out of ink and ordered a refill which I could not wait to receive. Unfortunately, I quickly became disappointed because after just a bit of use it started to skip and I became extremely frustrated using it.

Am I the only one experiencing the skip? I can no longer use it with the C-305 refills and I'm looking for other refills that might fit as I want to continue to use the pen. I'd love to hear your suggestions. Thanks.
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  This is a great pen!..., April 12, 2012
This is a great pen! I bought it on my third order and have used it extensively since then. It writes a nice, solid, smooth line that works on a variety of paper. I think I will keep this one around for a while and yes the top does post, it just makes the pen a bit top heavy.
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  This pen writes very..., April 10, 2010
By kee...
This pen writes very well. The line is a little thicker than my other 0.4mm, but it's still a very nice pen. The outside seems to pick up smudges somewhat easily.

Also, yes, you can put the cap on the back of the pen. You line the thin silver metal part into the groove of the back of the pen. It's not completely obvious that there's a thin gap between the metal and the black part of the back. Buuut it's there. :)
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  Line the cap up to post..., February 12, 2010
By wil...
Line the cap up to post it people. It works just fine for me.
  The pen body is very..., May 18, 2013
The pen body is very nicely built and feels solid. The very smooth shiny grip is the right size for me, but a little too smooth for extended, fast note taking. So, I will be using this as my check writing pen :) I also found that the tip and ink do not seem to work on copy machine/printer paper.
  The matte black finish..., June 8, 2011
By wao...
The matte black finish on this pen is what really attracted it to me. The ink writes a little wet, making the 0.5mm lines seem much thicker than they should be. Also, as stated in many other reviews before mine, the cap does post to the end of the pen. The problem that I have is because of this unique method, it causes the pen to become very long in hand. Tthe extra length doesn't make it too top heavy, but you can feel it. It's a great pen, but I prefer the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier Executive gel pen just a bit more.
  May be the perfect pen..., August 4, 2010
By wat...
May be the perfect pen - heavy, but balanced and not too thick, writes beautifully with no smudgy bit at the beginning like a ballpoint.
  For the minimal investment..., February 12, 2010
By wil...
For the minimal investment in a quality writing tool, I would enthusiastically recommend this pen. The writing is very smooth and even ink flow add to the classic looks. I just purchased a second my first was dropped, ball down, onto a concrete floor. Again, love the function and the fashion.
  Love the pen; hate the..., January 7, 2010
By sue...
Love the pen; hate the cap.
  The Ohto Ceramic Roller..., February 8, 2009
By 777
The Ohto Ceramic Roller Ball has a nice smooth feel on the paper and the ink is smooth and fine with no gaps or sputters in the line. The black body pen has a nice smooth matte satin finish and looks great with the chrome accents.

The one big drawback is the lack of a captive cap for this pen. The cap does not attach to the pen in any way so you have to set it aside. And being that the pen in round it will tend to roll if you set it down w/o the cap on a desk or table that is not truly level. If it were a captive cap pen then I would give it a 5, but I think this is a serious set back so I can't give it a 4. Let's say it's a 3.5.
  Okay, the point about..., September 19, 2007
Okay, the point about the cap not connecting to the back of the pen? It took me weeks to figure out, that the cap actually does sit on the back of the pen. It slides over the end of the silver part that is sticking out the back side, just just have to line it up!
  I wondered how much I..., August 23, 2007
I wondered how much I would like this pen. It's quality is very nice, as it should be for $20. Styling is minimal, and modern. It writes nice and smooth, much smoother than your typical ball point pens. It feels comfortable in your hand.

Only two minus points:
You have to line up the cap almost perfectly to get it back on the pen, because of the oval design (similar to the way it looks at the top). A round, even level end on the cap would have been nice, but I guess it wouldn't have matched the top and bottom of the pen.

Secondly, the cap does not sit on the back of the pen when in use. You just have to leave it disconnected.

Overall, it's a great pen, for $20.
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  This pen writes great,..., September 5, 2012
By fra...
This pen writes great, but is suffers from a few design issues:

-Weight: the pen is very heavy. I don't personally mind the weight.

-Length: with the cap on the back of the pen, the whole thing feels incredibly long.

-Enamel chips: because of the way the cap locks into the back of the pen, the black enamel finish can be chipped/worn off. You can fixed this with a sharpie, but for a pen at this price point I was disappointed.

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  RESTOCK PLEASE!!..., August 12, 2010