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  Great pen, I loved how..., September 18, 2011
Great pen, I loved how it wrote and it worked great. However after several months of enjoyment, I dropped it on its tip . . . and it really doesn't write very well anymore. I'm going to buy another now . . . hopefully it'll last longer.
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  This is a very cool looking..., June 30, 2011
By dea...
This is a very cool looking and nice pen to use. The ink is dark, but I may have received a lemon... The ink tends to just drip out of the pen especially when it's on the move. Basically it cannot leave my desk, and for the price I expected better.
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  This is, hands down,..., December 26, 2007
This is, hands down, a cool, sophisticated pen. It's kinda funky, the first time you go to post the cap, but once you've got it down pat, it's easy. And it writes like a dream. I normally don't like metal section pens, but this one writes smoothly enough, you don't notice.
  This is an excellent..., December 17, 2012
This is an excellent pen! I've had mine for a couple of years now and enjoy it as much now as I did when I bought it. I normally don't do reviews, but I had to respond to a couple of the reviewers on this item.

First, you absolutely can attach the cap to the pen while it's in use. It fits over the end of the pen and is held in securely in place.

Second, if your tip has been damaged and the pen doesn't write the way it did before you dropped it, get a new refill! It's only a couple of bucks for refills and the tip is replaced, so you have a brand new ceramic ball to write with.

Finally, if you have a defective pen, and if it's dripping it's defective, then just replace the insert with a new refill or send it back for a replacement.

This is an excellent pen at an excellent price. I recommend it without reservation.
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  So much for a pen that..., October 31, 2012
So much for a pen that you cant even attach the cap to when in use. I guess your supposed to hold the cap in one hand...while u write with the other hand. Dont waste your i did.