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Very well equilibrated...
December 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
Very well equilibrated fountain pen.
You cant replace the...
January 17, 2010
You cant replace the tip if it breaks and if it does you have to buy a new one
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Regarding this pen and...
December 14, 2009
Regarding this pen and considering some reviews on it, I can say that I am (together with a few?) a happy owner. Being a compulsive buyer, I bought 3 at once, fearing I could let one fall onto the floor and thus I would have another handy. And I was right.

It has a sleek, modern design, without all those burlesque, expensive (and sometimes to me, annoying) make-up that many expensive pens do have and I really enjoyed this pen. The only cons I can see is the size, and it´s not a matter of hand size but rather, taste. If this pen were slightly shorter, I could rate it #5.

Putting the size aside, this pen is very good for daily use. I had no bad experience with the nib, it writes good, does not scratches neither drag. Unfortunately, some buddies did not like it. Well, I can say that the quality of the writing does not depend upon the nib only, but the paper and the ink do play a (an important) role.

I am using Trident´s Universal Black ink, which leaves a uniform trace, it does not fade into any gray tonality. And please remember that different types of ink *do* influence the quality of your writing of the *same* pen. When I write on plain paper (the majority being porous), it writes averagely (and towards a good writing), but on glossy paper, it´s like butter.

I had no problem with any of the mechanical parts of this pen so far (I´ve had bought it some 3 months ago and use it on a daily basis) and taking into account the size, nib, material, weight, I can say that, at least to me, this pen is very good for a day-to-day usage, and just like many other pen, it favors a cursive writing flawlessly (at least in my experience). As an overall and final comment, I can say I am satisfied, do not regret my purchase.
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The OTHO Fine is very...
November 10, 2009
Verified Purchase
The OTHO Fine is very stylish and sleek.... looks like it's going 310 knots just laying on the desk!!

The pen really lays down ink however when writing. If you use a course grade of paper, like most recycled papers are, it bleeds.

I also have the Pilot Petit1, and it rights nicely. If you're looking for a pen in the same category of size and material.... check out Lamy pens. Cannot go wrong with German engineering.
Flow is exceptionally...
February 14, 2009
Flow is exceptionally bad.
It is very shiny, and...
October 19, 2008
Verified Purchase
It is very shiny, and has a nice solid weight.

The nib, however, is a very cheap stainless steel nib (it's labeled "Iridium Point Germany", which, as I've heard, means it's actually Chinese, and designed to be misleading). The flow tends to be pretty poor, with lots of skipping.
It's an OK pen, but liquid...
June 17, 2008
Verified Purchase
It's an OK pen, but liquid ink pens I use regularly have better consistency and better control at the tip.

For a fountain pen at this price, it's not bad at all. And it's also quite a beautiful, sophisticated, modern-looking pen.

The Petit1 Pilot pen had a much better performance and it's much cheaper. I'm definitely getting the Petit1 refills, but I wished it had the fine looks of the Ohto Fountain pen!
This is very pretty,...
November 25, 2006
Verified Purchase
This is very pretty, and the slim barrel feels both solid and evenly weighted. With the cap posted, it becomes almost too top-heavy for my taste.

I'd read some reviews elsewhere and wanted to see what the fuss was about. :) It's a decent pen, but for the price I'd stick with the Pilot Petit1. Though I've been capping the Fine carefully whenever I pause, it's a bit slow to start writing when the nib touches the page. Swapping ink cartridges (I ditched the crap Ohto cart for a Pelikan one) helped, but it hasn't solved the problem.

Nothing I've read specifies the nib size. I'd guess this is on the fine side of medium; it writes a wider line than the Petit1, which I'd definitely call a fine nib.
This pen was garbage....
January 20, 2011
This pen was garbage. Usually, I am a bit more reserved with my adjectives, however, seeing as that's where this pen eventually ended up-- after a week of trying to make it write--it is quite fitting. I bought this pen with the Ohto blue-black ink cartridges and was never able to write a full letter, forget even a word!

I have subsequently bought at Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib and couldn't be happier.
I agree with the Petit1...
March 26, 2009
I agree with the Petit1 preference - if the OHTO fine could write as well as the petit1 does while keeping its stylish looks, it would be among my favorites.

My experience with the OHTO fine is that the ink is a watery black, almost gray, and the pen skips and drags, even though the nib is nowhere near as fine as that of the petit1. It was my first online fountain pen purchase - I wanted something a little lighter than my Lamy Studio which is a bit heavy for me to use every day - but this pen isn't it.

I love the petit1s except that they're a tiny bit too short to write comfortably with; the top of the cap pushes into the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. If pilot made a sligtly-less-petit1, I'd be all over it.
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