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Ohto Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge - Blue Black - Set of 6

by Ohto
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Ohto Fountain Pen Refill Cartridge - Blue Black - Set of 6 - OHTO FCR-6 BLUE BLACK
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This Ohto refill is a standard international short cartridge size for fountain pens. It fits the refill size for the Ohto Tasche and Fine fountain pens, as well as many other fountain pens. Cartridge is 1.5 inches long (39 mm). Outer dimension of the tube opening is 4 mm in diameter, inner circle opening is 3 mm in diameter, and the tail end of the cartridge is 7 mm in diameter.

Black and blue black colors refills are available.

If exposed to extremely cold weather for a long time, ink inside new cartridges is likely to freeze, expand, and push out the stopper, causing cartridges to leak.


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Weight0.4 ounces
Cartridge Size Short International Standard
Diameter - Max 7 mm
Ink Color Dark Blue (Blue Black)
Quantity in Pack 6
Size - Length 3.8 cm
Water Resistance None


September 28, 2011
I was expecting a rich...
I was expecting a rich blue-black...didn't matter if it was more blue or more black, as long as it was intense...

But it seems like the Ohto Blue Black refill is more granite gray than anything else. When compared to the black ink cartridge that came with my fountain pen purchase, the difference is even more striking. It's like...faded black ink! =(

If you repeatedly draw over your lines, then yes, you can get a good blue black effect, but that's a lot more work than needed.

I wonder if the color was affected because I used black ink before the blue black ink? But even then, wouldn't the ink be darker, not lighter?

Anyways, that was my experience. Tell me if yours is any better!