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The color should really...
April 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
The color should really be named Black Blue because it's really pretty black. I prefer a more royal blue.
Easy to use and has good...
June 6, 2015
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Easy to use and has good color and coverage
I do not feel that the...
January 11, 2015
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I do not feel that the Ohto blue-black is a watered down blue-black ink. Let me explain. Many inks identified as “blue-black” come in a range of tones, intensities, and colors, within, what is called, 'blue-black,' including inks that are bluer than black or more black than blue.
The blue-black family, if you will, can even include colors that are like Rohrer & Klingner’s verdigris or various versions of blue-gray ink.
I would place the Ohto “blue-black” in the blue-gray branch of the family. Although not as deep or intense as, say, Noodler’s blue-black which is so intense it doesn’t really offer shading possibilities, this Ohto blue-gray ink does offer nice shading possibilities because the blue-gray color is not as saturated or intense as the Noodler’s blue-black. This also means that it will be easier to flush ink residue from a pen.
The Ohto ink is manufactured in Austria, as are some Montblanc inks, and it may, in fact, be the same manufacturing facility.
The Ohto ink flows well, in a pen with a properly adjusted nib and feed, and the shade of blue-gray is certainly a lovely color, with shading possible, making this ink a good choice for someone writing with a medium, broader, or flexible nib. I filled my medium-nibbed S.T. Dupont Fidelio with an Ohto blue-black cartridge and the ink worked well for me.
Great ink. Very dark...
July 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great ink. Very dark - true black without grey shading.
GP Raines
I was expecting a rich...
September 28, 2011
I was expecting a rich blue-black...didn't matter if it was more blue or more black, as long as it was intense...

But it seems like the Ohto Blue Black refill is more granite gray than anything else. When compared to the black ink cartridge that came with my fountain pen purchase, the difference is even more striking. It's like...faded black ink! =(

If you repeatedly draw over your lines, then yes, you can get a good blue black effect, but that's a lot more work than needed.

I wonder if the color was affected because I used black ink before the blue black ink? But even then, wouldn't the ink be darker, not lighter?

Anyways, that was my experience. Tell me if yours is any better!
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