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January 16, 2014
The clip fell off on...
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The clip fell off on the first day. I found the pen in my pocket -no clip.
The pen is made of very thin aluminum. Very cheaply made. The edges of the grooves where you grab the pen are sharp and they catch on the skin of your fingers. Very annoying. I had to sand down the grooves so I can actually use this thing. I like the shape and size of it, though. It fits in your hand nicely. Comfortable to hold -once you sand down the grooves a bit.
I am surprised at the quality drop in Ohto pens. I've had many Ohto pens before but this pen has changed my mind about the brand. I don't even think they are made in Japan anymore.
It writes okay for a needle-point pen. Not very scratchy and you don't have to hold it at a certain angle to get a smooth writing feeling. But the line it puts down is not really solid unless you write very slowly. Trying to see if I can put in a different refill and maybe use it as a desk pen.
Not an expensive pen but considering all the issues, I wouldn't recommend it.

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