Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen - Pigment Ink - 10 - 1.5 mm - Black Ink

Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen - Pigment Ink - 10 - 1.5 mm - Black Ink

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Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point rollerball drawing pens produce the same fine and consistent lines as fiber-tipped drawing pens but with a sturdy metal rollerball tip instead! This means that you'll be able to use every last drop of the waterproof, archival-safe pigment ink without having to worry out about wearing out the pen tip over time.

This is the Size 10 pen, which has a 1.5 mm tip and "10" printed on the cap.

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I really like the line...
April 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really like the line that this pen (and its smaller companions) puts down. It is bold, dark, and usually smooth. One problem that I have experienced from this pen in particular is that when you first pick it up to use it each time, it tends to skip around much like a cheap ballpoint pen. I figure that this is probably due to the high output of ink that places a high demand on the ink volume. I bought the full pack of these pens in all sizes and ordered an extra of this size to use for random notes/sketch ideas and to write in my to-do list (because I love the dark boldness of it). I found out that if you use it on regular cheap notebook paper (or even the more durable Campus brand), it writes strikingly as well as a cheap ballpoint. I can't knock off points for this though, because it is meant for drawing. It lays down a beautiful line on sketch paper (which is rougher in texture), but it still skips on start-up. I have found that the slower you move it, the better the flow, which could be an issue for some sketching practices. I also noticed that on cheaper paper, it fades to this very strange gray-brown color that is not very attractive at all. For me, that is saying something because I absolutely love writing in brown ink. This color is not pleasant, however.

- Bold, dark lines
- Multiple sizes available
- Beautiful for sketching
- Zero risk of crushing a delicate tip (as it is metal)

- Only good on rough or "expensive" papers
- Fades on cheaper papers
- Skips like a cheap ballpoint when you start drawing/writing

Overall, if you stick to using it only for its intended purpose and give it a little time to warm up each time, it's a great instrument.
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Love, love these drawing...
September 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
Love, love these drawing pens. First of all, they AREN'T felt tipped! Which is a must for those of us with heavy hands. The rollerball is unbelievable smooth. Definitely note that the width of the line you get with these pens (1.0, .5, .2, etc.) is a bit wider than what you'd get with lead of the same size, because the ball does spread out the line a bit.
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For what I wanted, it...
December 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
For what I wanted, it didn't work. I was hoping I could do fat, precise borders for comic panels. But the roller ball just isn't suited to that. It didn't work at all. Your better off with a sharpie.
Very smooth black ink....
November 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very smooth black ink. Good for technical drawing, or even general writing.