Ohto Multi-Smart 4 3 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Orange Body

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The Ohto Multi-Smart is a multi pen that is slim and small, yet highly functional. Great for business or personal use, it's everything you need in one pen. Black, blue, and red ballpoint components, plus a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, are all housed inside a sleek orange aluminum body. Despite how much is packed inside this pen, it remains wonderfully compact. Measuring at only slightly over 5 inches long, it's even thinner than many single-cartridge ballpoint pens. The inks, pencil leads, and eraser are all refillable.

Function indicators labeled "Black", "Blue", "Red", and "05" are located near the top knock button. The method of selecting a component is unique: simply turn the pen so that the indicator for your desired function is facing up toward you, and click the knock button down. For example, to select the blue ballpoint ink, hold the pen with "Blue" facing up as shown in the photo and click. To retract, press the narrow grooved button on the clip.

Model NumberOHTO MF-15ST4-OR
Weight0.5 ounces
Body Color Orange
Body Material Metal
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Design Style Slim
Diameter - Grip 8.7 mm
Diameter - Max 8.7 mm
Eraser Included Yes
Eraser Refillable Yes
Grip Color Black
Grip Material Plastic
Ink Refillable Yes
Lead Sleeve Length 4.8 mm
Length - Body 13.1 cm
Mechanism Weighted
Pre-Installed Ink Color Red, Blue, Black
Pre-Installed Pencil Lead Size 0.5 mm
Takes Pencil Component Yes
Tip Length 4 mm
Tip Material Metal
Tip Size 0.7 mm
Tip Type Needle Point

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Customer Reviews

This is a really fun...
May 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a really fun pen. The multi function trick works reliably. The ballpoints are nice and have almost a rollerball feel to them. Although it's a plastic pen it feels really solid. The typeface used for the labels is pretty fun. I like it a lot.
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The first one I got broke...
February 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
The first one I got broke after one week. I played or clicked on it too much and too fast so the internal\clip mechanism stop holding the color selection in place.

Jetpens was kind enough to send me a free replacement. I'm careful to not click on the color selection too fast. So far, it has held up well. I think Platinum's metal multi-pen are much sturdier but they don't come in as many multi-color ink capabilities. Ohto does it all for me.

The preferable features of this pen is the needle-point head for more accuracy, I can use other brand's ink refill(that are left-overs), it is light weight and just about the right size for prolong note-taking and holding.

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I gave this as a gift,...
December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
I gave this as a gift, and my friend really likes it. She says it is great for team meetings where she takes notes using the pencil, and uses different colors of ink to underline and draw attention to various details.
From my handling of the pen, it has a very nice, quality feel with a nice weight.
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Just received this pen...
December 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
Just received this pen and I really like it. I am mostly not a fan of ballpoints but, I do like the needlepoints from Ohto. They are great for tiny handwriting. I am always striking through mistakes in my laboratory notebook and documents that are archived and the needlepoints allow me to write very small and insert these comments in a limited space. Gel rollers are my choice, especially the Uni Ball Signos, which are chemically resistant but, I find this pen to be a plus because of the 0.5 pencil for processes where I must repeat steps. The compact size is great for pockets. I am quite happy with this pen.
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Love the utility and...
December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love the utility and style of this pen I just wish it had about another 5cm of length to give it a little more heft and balance. I have larger hands and find this pen a bit on the small side. That said the inks are all high quality, don't stutter when starting and the clicking mechanism works well. A great pen versatile pen especially if you're travelling light.