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  Super nice pen! Love..., March 29, 2011
By csurby
Super nice pen! Love the feel of it, and it writes fantastic. It looks like a $100.00 pen, and writes just as well as the higher end pens. Recommended highly.
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  I really enjoy almost..., January 25, 2013
By dri...
I really enjoy almost everything about this pen. It feels very high quality from the weight to the solid construction to the flow of writing with it. It writes very smooth and fluidly and also kind of snappy. It's easy to control. The only thing I am not crazy about is the grip. I prefer the rubber grip of some of my other pens like the Signo 207. That being said, it might just be personal preference that I like rubber grips and after writing a page or so with the Orca I did start to get used to it.

Overall, a very good quality pen. I'm quite happy with it.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Oh man...this pen is..., July 5, 2012
By dvd...
Oh man...this pen is gorgeous. The moment you open that box, and pull this baby out, you know you made a good choice. This is top notch. The finish is impeccable, and so far, has withstood amazingly well in my backpack of art things, as I am a traveling artist. Holding this beauty in you hands is a privelege. The smooth as silk finish grips surprisingly well when opening it, and when your writing is done, and you put that back on, you feel a sadness, as if the pen were crying for you to write more. It can even be used for drawing, though not to GREAT effect, just as, you know, something to whip out and scribble with. Ink flow is a teensy bit too fast for me, so I don't get that fine line I love. But hey! Everything has a defect, and if that is it, then, by golly, I'll take it. A must own for anyone who is a stationery monster like me. Good for being your 'executive pen'.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  The pen is a pleasure..., September 14, 2011
By vst...
The pen is a pleasure to hold. It looks beautiful and is well balanced. The only set back is that the ink does not run as smooth and skips which surprised me, I had few OHTO refills (from Japan) and none had any problems with it, but three refills I got recently had more or less this issue with skipping. Get a decent refill and the pen is ideal.
  The pen writes marvelously...., August 6, 2014
By cam...
The pen writes marvelously. I gave this pen a mid-review because the cap does not stay in place when you put it on the back end. It flies off, across the room. This is annoying enough for me to leave this pen in the drawer - bummer for a pen that costs this much. Without the cap on the back end, the pen does not feel properly weighted, so you can't just take the cap off and hold in your hand while you write.