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August 13, 2009
I love this pen, BUT....the...
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I love this pen, BUT....the cap does not stay on while writing! It flies off when I write, and I'm afraid of losing it, so I tend not to take it out for quick notes. This would be my favorite pen, were it not for this design/funtionality issue.

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September 22, 2012
Nice fine line for ledger...
Nice fine line for ledger entry. Very smooth finish is comfortable and easy to retrieve from pocket or briefcase. Appearance is stylish and understated yet it "catches the eye." DJC

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June 30, 2008
I really wanted to like...
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I really wanted to like this pen. It does write like a dream, truly. But that's not enough to forgive it's faults: The weight is horrible and light and the slick surface of the pen body makes it impossible to keep the cap on. It's simply not comfortable in the hand, again the slick body just makes it hard to keep a good grip on it.

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