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This is probably the...
October 30, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is probably the most comfortable pencil I've ever used to write with for extended periods. The grip area is a fair bit larger in diameter than that on most other pencils I've used, which works nicely with the narrower barrel to keep the pencil perfectly positioned in my hand with less fatigue than I usually experience. The weight and balance are basically perfect for me, and the texture on the grip is nice - seemingly smoother than, say, the Pentel GraphGear 600, but just as effective.

Overall, the Promecha feels very solid, but there is just the slightest hint of "give" in the lead when writing. Nowhere near the level of wiggle in the Uni Kuru Toga or their Shift Pipe Lock, and very close to, but not quite up to the par of the GraphGear 600, which is the most rock-solid pencil I've ever used. I rarely retract the lead sleeve, since the twist action feels slightly rough, as though it isn't quite lubricated well enough and would wear out if I used it all the time. It's probably fine, but I don't want to take the chance and wear it out. I can't speak much about the cap - I've only taken it off to add lead and never used the eraser. The lead indicator easy to read and is fairly stiff, which to me is a good thing.

This has got to be one of the best-looking pencils out there. I've had it for 2 months now, and there's not a ding or nick on it after close to daily use for notes and assignments. The writing on the barrel doesn't seem to be wearing off yet, which is more than I can say for any of my Pentels.

Overall, this has quickly become my favorite pencil. It's very good looking, more solid than anything I've used other than the GraphGear 600, has very good balance, slightly nicer finish than the similar-ish GraphGear 1000, and is more comfortable to write with for long durations than any of my other pencils. I haven't owned it long enough to really comment on its durability, but if after a few more months it's working as well as it is now, I will definitely buy a few more so I'll have backups if I ever lose this one, or if it ever wears out.
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I've had this pencil...
May 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
I've had this pencil for a couple month now so I'm writing this review. Every single time I use this pencil I have to first replace the lead because this pencil breaks it. The metal tip before the knurled grip also comes loose every now and then. Other than those things the pencil is otherwise very nice.

2/5 because of the lead breakage
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What a wonderful pencil....
July 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
What a wonderful pencil. I'm a Web Developer and my daily business includes Sketching and writing in a Daily Business Journal. So I have multiple uses for my few pencils. The Ohto Promecha 1000P is great for sketching those difficult and detailed sketches. The grip is really nice to use, it's visually appealing and light-weight.

JetPens also made the delivery to me in about 3 days. Well worth the price. Feel like it's almost a steal.
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I loved this pencil at...
October 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
I loved this pencil at first, but after a short while it started breaking lead. Worse of all it seems like lead is stuck in the mechanism and can't be removed. Basically it seems broken for me now. Can not get lead in it period.
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Space age looking and...
April 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
Space age looking and at the same time the shape is a bit odd. Yet, I find that writing with it is a pleasure, took several pages of notes tonight and have nothing bad to say. Love how the sleve retracts with a twist of the barrel. Good weight, not too top heavy, lead dispensed per click is good too. Seems like a nice compromise compared to other drafting pencils on this site. The ohto 1500 seems to be overkill to me and I have read some questionable things about the graphgear 1000 on another forum. So to sum it up, so far so good. I plan on writing with this quite a bit so I will check back in if durability is an issue.
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Best all-around drafting...
May 24, 2013
Best all-around drafting pencil I've ever used.

Compared to all the modern-day greats, such as the Rotring 600, Graphgear 1000, Rapidomatic, Rapid Pro, Kuru Toga, and even Ohto's own Super-Promecha, this is the best all-around pencil I've ever used.

The weight is perfect, the grip (older style, no longer offered here at Jetpens) is perfectly knurled without being too smooth or too rough, and the internal parts are brass with plastic for the lead sleeve to keep the weight down. The retractable tip via rotating grip is less awkward than the auto-on style of the Graphgear and Rapid Pro, in that you don't have to worry about plastic wearing out or having to manually push back the lead sleeve to retract it. It twists in or out and the action is solid. The lead sleeve is almost on par with the laser-precise internals of the Pentels, in that there is no lead wobble at all. The eraser is decent, but just a Mars plastic imitation which can be replaced anyway.

The balance is also spot on, much like the Rapidomatics of old, which were (until now) the most well-balanced pencils I'd used. You pick this up and it makes other drafting pencils feel strange all of a sudden, because they got it right with this one. The Super-Promecha is too long, too heavy and frankly is no longer of serious quality after the latest revision.

I bought three of these to keep for a lifetime of drawing, since they're phasing out this older design. Again, best all-around pencil I've ever used.
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I've had this pencil...
April 30, 2009
Verified Purchase
I've had this pencil for roughly five months now, and I can say that after every-day use I would not recommend it for most people.

For durability I would rate this pencil a 5/5, for the full-aluminium doesn't wear easily, and after 5 months of every day use the only problems I have encountered are the lettering on the barrel rubbing off some from clip, and the grip's diamond finished chipping in almost microscopic scratches. The retractible tip is very solid and at first lead breakage was a problem, but this was fixed as soon as I removed the factory lead.

For Overall construction I would rate it a 2/5, because of the cheap interior and the lack of ability to service the parts yourself. There is no way to unscrew the barrel from the tip and clean it or replace the spring if need be, but this hasn't really presented any problems so far. The inner lead guide is cheap plastic though, and bends, scratches. and tears easily. Don't plan on using the eraser much on this pencil, for you will eventually loosen the eraser cap so much that it will never stay on. The eraser cap doesn't fasten securely to the pencil, and it is very irritating to have to worry about it coming off

For writing I would rate it a 3/5, because it's cumbersome to write with the guide pipe at halfway for increased stability. I use this to write Chinese/Japanese every day also, and it performs decently.

My biggest complaint though is that it is uncomfortable to hold. For some reason, my hand sweats noticeably more when using this pencil over others, this is annoying! This pencil is also smaller than you would expect, and for my average-sized American hands it was still too small to write with comfortably. I would ONLY recommend this pencil if you have small hands!
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This pencil is looks...
May 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pencil is looks good, is comfortable to hold and to write with, and has lots of nifty features. That's nice. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't work. Every lead I put into it breaks immediately, which completely defeats the pencil's functional purpose, making it a useless waste of money. Therefore I can't recommend it at all. In fact, I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere. The single star I gave it is definitely an over-rating, as far as I'm concerned, (I'd rate it minus 5, at least.) but I couldn't submit this review with no stars selected.
This feels like the Benz...
May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This feels like the Benz of mechanical pencils. If there had been some instruction with it so that I was not puzzled about how to do certain basic things, it would get 5 stars.
My one complaint is that...
March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
My one complaint is that the clip does not prevent it from rolling off the table the way a clip on a pen/mechanical pencil often will. The reason for this is the bulkiness of the grip, but with that said: This is an exceptional writing/drawing implement. Forward weighted. Feels sturdy. And the ability to retract the nib is even nicer than I would have expected.
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