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The Ohto Promecha series is a great line of precision pencils from Japan. The 1000 series features a brushed silver metal body, metal grip, adjustable lead grade indicator and an adjustable sleeve. Just twist the metal grip to conveniently extend or retract sleeve length. Weights 0.6 oz.

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I ordered the 1000P and...
July 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
I ordered the 1000P and 1500 pencils because local stationery and art supply stores don't stock decent mechanical pencils anymore. I used to find them downtown at the college book store but, not any more. Apparently since the invention of ACAD architects and engineers don't need high quality mechanical pencils.

I prefer 0.9 mm which makes the finding even harder. Compared to the typical standard assortment of drug store bubble pack, junk pencil options these rock. Made mostly of metal (inside lead tube is plastic), well put together and machined to close tolerances; works exactly as advertised. I lose these all the time or they are borrowed and not returned; So, I'm sure I will be ordering replacements several times a year but that's alright, Jetpens, just keep them in stock. These were a good find and highly recommended. Oh, and this hardly ever happens with on-line orders but much to their credit and my surprise, Jetpens shipped the order the day it was placed and it arrived much, much sooner than expected. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing.
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This is the only 0.9...
August 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is the only 0.9 keeper for me. Relatively light compared to say Rotring, but the large grip is very comfortable and it balances well.
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jaws revenge
Can't live without this...
June 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
Can't live without this pencil, as a field super for a construction company I'm very hard on this pencil. The adjustable barrel saves the pencil from being damaged when dropped. I keep it very short for notes and sketches and extend it when using a straight edge. The biggest problem I have is other people like my pencil too and have to replace it form time to time. Jet pens service is great and I will continue to replace my pencil as needed. Thanks
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Love at first sight for...
January 11, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love at first sight for me!

This pencil took me by surprise! I bought it for my on the go drafting kit, and the requirements I had for it called for a front heavy pencil, that can conceal the guide pipe to protect it, that have a lead grade indicator, and that it features a knurled grip. The Pentel Graphgear 1000 met all of those reqs except for being front heavy, which is the reason why I didn't choose it for this kit despite being an excellent pencil. So the choices narrowed down to the Uni Shift and the Promecha 1000P. I ordered both pencils and I think they are both awesome, but this pencil is quite something especial. The features are amazing, with the guide pipe extender being very good at both adjusting the ideal guide pipe length and protecting it, and the grip feels amazing too. In fact, the grip is just as good as the grip on the Rotring 500 (which I also own and love, but use it at home instead of my on the go kit).

The pencil is quite light weighted, so people with huge caveman hands probably won't like it much, and there is some measure of rattling if you shake the pencil or write to fast with it. The rattling is very light and shouldn't be a problem for most people. The lead grade indicator won't move on its own as it happens to most pencils out there, and overall this is one hell of a good pencil to use.
The twist option is a...
September 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
The twist option is a little awkward to operate.

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