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June 3, 2014
All metal. Huge Brass...
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All metal. Huge Brass mechanics. Interesting spiraling grip section. Really whats not to love? Ok 2 minor issues. Eraser is an absolute joke. Not only is it narrow in diameter, but it is short and sometimes gets stuck in the eraser cap. On a positive note it does include a cleanout wire. The other minor issue I have is this pencil rattles...a a very annoying pitch...a lot. Yea it's kinda like there is a shaker weight in it that is banging around, but it's just the lead holder tube smacking the side of the barrel. Annoying but doable. Pencil comes with 3 leads, no guess as to who makes em, but they seem usable. Grip is nice, not real abrasive like diamond checked, or knurled, but smooth like a plstic barreled pencil. I do imagine that the grooves in the grip are gong to get nasty after some use, but time will tell. All in all I like the value offered here. Great all metal design but under my cutoff point for impulse pencil purchases! Not overly heavy (*cough* Graphgear 1000 *cough*) but also well balanced.