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First of all, this looks...
November 29, 2013
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First of all, this looks like a pen. It's even thinner and lighter than one, so it's easy to carry around and use. HOWEVER, the price is pretty expensive for it's use. This only and ONLY cuts paper. Nothing else. It'll break if you try to cut plastic or something thicker than that. If you're buying this solely for paper, then is easy and etc. Tape is fine too, but if you're using this for arts and craft, not so much. Don't waste your breath on it.

Plus, the blade is too small so you'll have to guess how and where it's going just like someone else said. Other than that, it's neat to have to carry around. It's good to cut packed boxes instead of using your keys, haha.
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I found that the overall...
September 26, 2012
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I found that the overall usefulness of this knife was limited by its blade size...when it cuts, the blade sinks in, and the plastic blade sheath is a view hog, so you basically have to guess really accurately as to where the blade will go next, or you have to rely on the much more conspicuous craft knife to get it done.
That said, the portability factor is down right awe inspiring, it is thinner and lighter than most pens. The clip inspires no confidence, as friction is all that holds it onto the barrel of the cutter. Yeah, so, take my advice, and purchase with your most practical part of your brain forward, or don't...you know what I mean, right?
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I really like it cuz...
August 11, 2013
I really like it cuz the blade is small which is good for safety.
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Probably would have lasted...
April 11, 2015
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Probably would have lasted longer if I just used it on thin paper. The blade dulled then broke easily within a week. Cut really well while it lasted.
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Very handy because of...
May 30, 2016
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Very handy because of its size, but the blade is not as sharp as it could be.
My son said these are...
January 6, 2015
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My son said these are his favorite pens.
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