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  somehow, i didn't notice..., January 3, 2012
By sha...
somehow, i didn't notice the dime in the picture of this pen. It is a very nice looking pen, but a lot smaller than i expected. It is a little bit wider than a wooden pencil. That being said - i quite like it. It needs a bit of a tune up before use. The ink didn't flow very well out of the box, but after some tweeking it is now performing well.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  The look and size of..., November 28, 2011
By tojo
The look and size of this pen is fantastic but loses its appeal as soon as it touches the paper. I am very disappointed in this pen. The ink flow was abysmal. The tip was very rigid and would scratch the paper. This is not a smooth pen at all. I feel like I wasted the money on this pen.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Quite a nice pen. The..., November 2, 2011
By eal...
Quite a nice pen. The design is excellent, and it writes well. The compact capped form is handy and fits in a pants pocket without trouble, and it fits the hand well when open. The barrel seemed a touch narrow when writing at first, but I adapted to it after only a few minutes of use. The aluminum construction is lightweight and lends itself to a light stroke on the page.

The nib takes a little 'warming up', that is it improves with use, but after a couple of weeks of light use I find it writes well. The pen has also survived a few inadvertent 'drop tests' with no mess, loss of functionality, or obvious damage. I'm glad I got this pen; it is well worth the cost.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  My newly purchased Rook..., May 17, 2011
My newly purchased Rook is a really nice fountain pen: I fitted it with a Diamine Turquoise international cartridge and from the get-go, flow was optimal, it writes a nice, steady, and consistent line, and it\'s compact size is just what I was looking for. For the $, it\'s a good deal if you need a fp.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Just received my tiny..., April 29, 2011
Just received my tiny Rook in the mail today. It is so cute. Once I figured out how to open it. . . it began writing instantly. It writes very smoothly for me. I love the look of this pen and its portable size.
The fine nib isn't as fine as other Japanese F pens (i.e. Hero) or even my Sheaffer 330. It's between a fine and medium western nib.
  I really love this pen...., February 21, 2014
By c.c...
I really love this pen. Super compact, fits in virtually any pocket. Nice, even ink flow, and the nib isn't scratchy at all. Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase.
  Received this pen today..., December 30, 2013
Received this pen today and I absolutely love it, it is perfect! I also ordered refills and I am glad that I did as I am writing with this pen constantly.
  Cute *little* pen. I..., May 23, 2013
By kyl...
Cute *little* pen. I saw in reviews before buying this that the tiny size surprised some people (despite the ~18mm U.S. coin shown for comparison), but this is *precisely why* I bought this pen. Given how small (It's a bit like a cigarette that bulges at the ends.) and modestly-priced it is, it's quite comfortable to write with when the over-sized cap is posted. I like thin pens, and this is a bit *too* thin for me to use every day, but it's a great back-up pen to add to the every-day-carry pen case.
  I love this little pen!..., October 2, 2012
By dis...
I love this little pen! I love writing with fountain pens, but find the design of most of them to be lacking in elegance or imagination, especially for the price. This pen had a clever, functional, and beautiful design.

It is quite small, but writes comfortably in my largeish female hands. I emptied out the cartridge and filled the pen with J. Herbin Rouge Hematite, which is a perfect ink for this pen.

It's lightweight enough to clip to a shirt without dragging it down.

Most importantly, it writes beautifully, and right out of the box at that. I adore my Ohto Dude, but probably spent two hours adjusting the nib until it wrote well. This is smooth as silk.
  I love this little pen. I..., May 7, 2012
I love this little pen.
I like to always keep something to write with in my purse or pocket, and this is so small that it's in no way a hassle. Not to mention it's even good if I'm not carrying a purse! This little guy fits in tiny girl-jean pockets, and can be clipped discreetly to a waist ribbon on a dress or tossed in a clutch purse. Not to mention it's fashionable so it can be pulled out in any occasion and will probably get some people asking where you got it, it's a cute conversation starter.

Writing-wise I don't have the same complaints as others. I did notice a more watery look to the ink when I first used it, but I always use a pen for a while to be sure it just doesn't need breaking in. It has served me well for a long time, never stuttering or skipping. I did notice, probably because of the fine nib, that some inks write lighter than expected, but it isn't a really big problem in my opinion, it's something I see in a few of my fine-nibbed pens.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I loved the size and..., August 25, 2011
By ko2...
I loved the size and style of this compact pen but was quite disappointed in how the ink flow was erratic and the the overall writing experience was scratchy. I, too, observed a slight misalignment between the metal part of the nib and the black part under the nib. Perhaps poor quality control. I'm kind of bummed because I bought extra ink for this pen, but will probably not use the pen, nor consider buying another Ohto.
  Nice design, compact..., June 29, 2011
Nice design, compact size, excellent fit and finish, all metal. The main gripes are irregular ink flow (which may improve with use), small size for my man hands and the cap closure is tight making it difficult to open the pen. There is nothing to grip when opening.
  While I enjoy the shape..., April 18, 2011
While I enjoy the shape and weight of this pen, it's a drag to write with. No matter what kind of paper I write on, it feels like I'm writing on a knobby plastic cutting board. Ink flow with the supplied ink was erratic, and using different inks has only helped the problem to a small degree. The black plastic piece beneath the metal nib does not line up straight, so I thought I might experience the leakage problems I've read about other reviewers having, but I've had no trouble. I would not recommend this item, and I'm sorry that I bought it.