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December 12, 2012
I used the pencil for...
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I used the pencil for drawing characters, brands/logos, and tattoo flash. The function and feel of the pencil was great, but the build quality is terrible. As a previous reviewer had noted there's only two small strips holding the body together above the stem adjuster. Of course the day comes when you turn the stem/lead guide adjuster, and it doesn't budge, so you turn a little harder, "Pop!" the end of your $20+ Ohto not so Super Promecha. I ignored the negative reviews because I desired the pencil, and I certainly regret it.

Would only buy if redesigned.

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September 9, 2011
This design seems flawed....
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This design seems flawed. At the neck of the pencil where you adjust the "travel" of the lead; it is attached two minor spots to the body of the pencil. This is VERY weak. My .3mm simply came apart. It looks like the weld had not "taken" and the bottom part of the pencil has separated from the top. Obviously ruined!
I will not buy again.

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June 8, 2011
I amm very pleased with...
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I amm very pleased with this item because the complexity is very divine and any one who dispises this ellegent utencile should give it another go it growes on you I promise.

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February 23, 2013
This pen sucks. I fell...
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This pen sucks. I fell asleep with it in my pocket. Rolled over and broke it.

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October 13, 2012
Pros - very good looks,...
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Pros - very good looks, nice quality, it's medal =D

Cons - there is only 1 con, too attractive, everything about this pencil will make other people steal it if you turn your back and leave it on your desk to go somewhere 5ft away from your desk it will get stolen! At least that's what happened to me

January 14, 2010
I was pretty disappointed...
I was pretty disappointed with this pencil. The eraser cap was VERY loose fitting (thus perpetually falling off), and was conclusively lost within a week. The build quality and finish are OK but not excellent; more suited to a $12 or $15 pencil than to one that costs $23. The pencil jammed after a while (as many will), but unlike other pencils, this seems to require constant disassembly for cleaning of various problems. And the disassembly is complex, owing the the multiple mechanisms. The adjustable sleeve length and lead-advance may be useful to professionals who have to use guide rules. But for other people, they create a level of complexity that isn't worth the time you spend removing lead jams. For every hour of use (due to the nature of my job, I write in short bursts, so this is maybe 15 minutes maximum of continuous writing), I need to spend a good 2-4 minutes fixing a jam. The guide pipe also is much trickier to clean than any other I've come across, though I can't quite tell why. If you are using this for making precise lines with careful pressure (e.g., technical drawings), then it may be worth it. Everyone else, stay away!