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I actually bought two...
January 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I actually bought two of these pencils, a first and a second generation. I liked the feel of the first generation, its heft, and all the adjustability so for a time I was willing to overlook the fact that it kept breakng the lead inside the shaft. After a time I had my fill. I figured it might be just my particular unit so i bought a second and now this one will not advance the lead and makes a crunching sound where there shoud be a crisp click. I am very disappointed with the quality of these pencils. To give you an idea of how disappointed I am I will tell you that this is the first internet review I have ever written. Be warned.
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This pencil is terrible....
September 2, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pencil is terrible. OHTO ought to be embarassed to sell this pencil at this price. The quality is horrendous. The lead breaks inside the pencil when adjusting the feed mechanism. Half of the grip is smooth, the other half is rough and nicley knurled like it is supposed to. How did this one ever make it past quality control, I have no idea. But buying this pencil was a great way to prevent me from ever buying another OOHTO product ever again.
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Whatever you do, do NOT...
May 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
Whatever you do, do NOT buy this "pencil" I agree with most of the other reviews in saying that this thing feels like it was made of aluminum foil. I dropped this pencil once and the guide pipe bent, the eraser cap broke off, and the whole was bosy was disfigured and bent. It is incredibly easy to bend this pencil.

Even though it looks really cool, it's absolutely NOT worth the money.
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Bought this pencil a...
April 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
Bought this pencil a couple of months ago. I was interested in it because of the adjustable feed and guide-tube and the hefty looking knurled grip. What I discovered after using it for a while is that it is rather poorly built. There is a significant lack of material holding the grip end of the pencil to the back end. I put the pencil in my pocket and sat down to later discover that it had bent. It bent back easily enough though. The guide-tube also became bent after a fall from my desk. And finally, in order to use the eraser, you must remove the eraser cap and replace it. This is not ever an issue with other pencils, but with the Super Promecha, replacing the eraser cap often results in inadvertently advancing the lead.

Very cool looking, but not a very good pencil.
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Do not buy. Don't...
March 26, 2011
Verified Purchase
Do not buy.

Don't get be wrong, the drafting pencil write wells, the only problem is that it is poorly built.

The adjustable portion to adjust the lead length SIGNIFICANTLY takes away from the durability of the pencil. My pencil has bent right above the knob to adjust the lead length (the odd little notch above the pencil grip).

Other than that rather significant problem, it works well and it well build - I would strongly suggest saving the few extra dollars and buying the ProMecha 1000P instead - you might not be able to adjust the lead length, but because of that it probably won't snap in half ...
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Just got it today. I...
January 9, 2014
Just got it today. I don't see how others view this pencil as unreliable or poorly built. Then again, I have had little to no experience with it. Perhaps over time, the various problems will appear and I will end up being disappointed with my purchase.

For first impressions, this pencil is front heavy, which I like. The adjustability features are nice, but they are not really great or even necessary. However, they are what make this pencil so unique. The retractable tip mechanism is cumbersome, since each time it is used or being put away, the grip has to be twisted several times, quite carefully to avoid breaking anything.

The overall build quality is okay. I don't think it's as sturdy as some of my other pencils and it is especially thin at the lead advance adjustment feature. If you get this pencil, be sure to be really careful with it, especially when carrying it. Don't drop it (from any height) and don't toss this in a bag. Put it in a good case.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see if the Super Promecha can hold up to its price (the most expensive I have so far) or if the build quality is really as poor as people say.
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So much potential..... This...
August 22, 2016
So much potential.....
This pencil had all the features to make it the God of all mechanicals, but OHTO threw that away.
Albeit, its not all negatives, I am sincerely disappointed.
Pros: The features, such as the adjustable lead dispenser and the retractable lead guide, are small but are oh-so handy! Its lovely not having holes in my pockets from this pencil. The weight (for me) is perfect, I do prefer a heavier pencil and whilst the body is aluminum, the metal mechanisms towards the front mean the weight is forward biased - resulting in a pleasant writing experience. And that leads me to the conclusion of the pros, the pencil provides a satisfying writing experience with great weight and a wonderful grip.

Cons: Perfection does not exist, and whilst this revision boasts more features than its predecessors, it lacks refinement and perfection of the features. As such, lead often snaps and breaks in the barrel, such that more often that not, up to 2.5cm of the lead is rendered unusable. The waste of lead in conjunction with constant jams leads to an overall unpleasant experience when it came to lead. Furthermore, the cap of the pencil quickly lost its strength and shape through regular use, such that the eraser would always become stuck; it now its quite loose to the point where it can occasionally fly off if twirling or shaking the pencil (that spinny trick people do, ya know?). Finally, not only does the aluminum construction of the barrel make it prone to bending and breaking (and wow does it!), but OHTO does not sell replacements which is astounding considering how weak it is.

Overall: 6/10 - Disappointment. I sincerely hope the next revision will address the design flaws and quality issues, further features without refining would result in a gimmick pencil.
I purchased this pencil...
April 8, 2015
I purchased this pencil through a different vendor, but it is the exact model that I am reviewing here.

I wanted to love this pencil, but I just couldn't. The 1500p is not a bad pencil, but it seems like it was put together with a smooth appearance as the primary goal and smooth function as an after thought. With a few tweaks this could be a truly great pencil, but as it stands it is just too far off of the mark to merit its price.

The issues begin at the cap and do not end until the tip. The end cap is tight, but the stem is loose and rattles around when writing, and the LGI in the cap is a little difficult to adjust until you learn the trick of it. Moving down, the clip is removable (which is nice), but even when fully tightened it is not a tight clip. The lead length adjuster is a nice feature, but without any stops or indicators it is impossible to tell where you are on the scale without some trial and error. The grip/guide pipe adjuster appears to be knurled, but the so-called knurling is slippery and does not really provide much in the way of grip (the knurling really seems to be there for the sake of appearance). The adjustable guide pipe feature is also nice, but it does not lock into place, so it would not be difficult to accidentally adjust it without intending to do so (in the 1500p’s defence I did not have any real issues with this, but I would have been much happier if it had a way to lock in place). Finally, the tip. I found that no matter where I placed the lead length wheel the initial dispensing of lead was tiny and did not extend as expected until the second push. The guide pipe also seemed fairly susceptible to pressure, which might well pose as a risk in regards to being damaged or bent.

In spite of its drawbacks there is a lot to like about the 1500p. The pencil looks great, it is a nice looking pencil with its design obviously geared toward a smooth and pleasing appearance. The pencil has a nice heft to it and feels solid without being too heavy. Gadget folks will love the fact that there are a tons of things that the user can adjust (the clip is removable, there is a lead grade indicator, and both the length of the guide pipe and of the dispensed lead can be adjusted). The O-rings half way up the pencil are a nice touch, allowing for a good grip when adjusting either the pipe or the lead (the rings also look cool, which is a plus). Finally, it is a nice and slim pencil with a slightly fatter grip making it feel streamlined without having to sacrifice good finger placement. If the 1500p were about $10 less expensive I would even say that it was worth the cost, in spite of its issues...but as it stands it is not.

If you can find the 1500p for a good price then I would say that it’s worth a try, but at the standard $20- $25 I would say to take a pass on this one.
My led brakes inside...
July 15, 2014
My led brakes inside the pencil so I get small uses before I have to click it a million time to get led out.
The tip bent when I dropped...
March 5, 2014
The tip bent when I dropped it.
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