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Perhaps I am luckier...
March 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
Perhaps I am luckier than others here...but it works really well and smooth first time I tried it! I was prepared to work on tines of the nib to get the flow going (as mentioned somewhere else on internet) but this is great instrument! Like the metal build and look. fine nib is fine like everything else out there....although not as fine as my Pilot VP
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I own this pen and consider...
February 22, 2010
I own this pen and consider it average, but there are better alternatives--especially if you can spend more. Although 1/3 longer, the Pilot Capless "decimo" pen is far superior with an exceptionally well-made iridium-alloy tipped 18K rhodium-plated gold nib. Also, Pilot's Stella 90s is a great, little pen that is, unfortunately, ignored.
Please note that on the OHTO Tasche and other OHTO fountain pens, the steel "iridium point Germany" nib is actually made in China and quality control isn't the best. Just because it says "Germany" does not mean that it is "Made in Germany." This fact has been documented by the famous pen repair and nib expert Richard Binder in a recent issue of Stylus magazine.
BTW, there is, in fact, a very short International-sized converter that probably fits the Tasche although using one defeats the pen's 'portable' design. I believe isellpens.com may carry the correct converter.
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For a long time, this...
November 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
For a long time, this was my favorite fountain pen. The design is gorgeous and slick, with a small size, well-engineered. My first one wrote great for a year or so; I refilled the cartridges with Noodler's Nightshade ink. There was a bit of nib creep, but I really don't care as it doesn't seem to affect writing at all.

I bought a second one, and from the outset it was scratchy and barely wrote 75% of the time... really frustrating. Then my first one quit - I opened it one day and it leaked all over the place, and never wrote the same afterwards. Very sad; I'll probably try to resuscitate it eventually, 'cos I love these things.
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Smooth nib without being...
September 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Smooth nib without being too thick. Not a true fine point to me, but others may disagree. Like the set. Use the fountain with small Rhodia pad and cover (with pen holder) that I can put in pocket.
I love the shape and...
April 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love the shape and size of these pens. I have black ink in this one.
Great small pen....
March 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great small pen.
truly beautiful nib and...
February 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
truly beautiful nib and when you put the cap on its tiny making it so that the pen would fit in any pencilcase. the ink distribution is perfect making no ink puddles
I bought the OHTO FF-10N...
June 13, 2014
I bought the OHTO FF-10N fine nib fountain pen and it would not flow also. It also is messy to use. I bought this several years ago and then bought another from JetPens that works fine. The other day the pocket clip broke off so I dusted the OHTO off and decided to use my 33 years of tool and die experience to address this problem. I found a .001" stainless steel shim in my tool box and drug it through the middle of the nib to kinda spread the gap like about a year of use would do. This fixed the flow. I still have to press firmly and write slowly but my writing is so bad I have to do that anyway. Very happy camper right now with the OHTO. If I encounter the same problem I will start working up from .001" (.0039mm) to .0015" which I think I also have. If you know a machinist, or just visit one, he can give you a small piece of "shimstock" to spread the gap to facilitate the ink flow. Next I will address how to seal the cartridges to stem the leaking issue. If you are not patient then ask for .002. I think the fine will flow more like a medium at .002 or greater, depends on the ink you are using. Then again, it always depends...
If the definition of...
January 20, 2011
If the definition of a pen is to write with ink, then the Ohto Tasche is not a pen.

After a week of trying to get this pen to write a line, I gave up. Although ink does flow (erratically, at best), the only way I could get this pen to write is by applying lots of pressure, making the nib dig into the pager. This was even more uncomfortable than using a cheap bic ball point. I tested this pen with the Ohto black and blue-black cartridges on various paper types and qualities (from 100g printer paper to japanese notebooks) with the same crappy results.

I also bought the Ohto Fine fountain pen at the same time, and had the same problems (although, the Fine was even worse!).

Maybe I'm a poor fool that received two unusable Ohto pens at the same time. Sorry, never buying Ohto again.
The look of the pen is...
January 12, 2011
The look of the pen is great and I like that it closes to such a small size. But the writing is not too great. The ink flows slowly so that it lays on thin on the paper and even falls behind if I write too fast. I even tried it with different brand of ink and it still was the same problem. Then after a couple weeks of moderate use the ink started leaking at the top of the nib. Thus, though it looks nice, I'm not happy with it since it leaks and doesn't write well.
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