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  Having read the older..., January 17, 2009
Having read the older reviews about poor writing ability, I felt compelled to write a more recent review stating I find the Ohto Tasche writing ability to be excellent.

Using the default Ohto ink cartridge I find this pen puts down a fine line, about the same as the Ohto F-Spirit. I suspect that when the Ohto cartridge runs out and I replace the ink in it with Noodler's Black, it may write a slightly thicker line, but, I anticipate it'll be just like the Ohto F-Spirit in this regard.

Given how inexpensive this fountain pen is, it's a great deal. No idea if its steel nib maybe more prone to damage if too much pressure is applied to it, but, over the last three weeks, it's writing just fine for me.

My only regret about this pen is that it won't take an ink converter. I'm going to have to resort to using a syringe to refill a used cartridge when I want to use bottled ink. However, I do find that the Ohto black ink is fine (aside from lack of water proof qualities). For the price and the size, that's a small price to pay.
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  I have 8 fountain pens,..., May 5, 2012
By sop...
I have 8 fountain pens, and this is my favorite. I had some trouble with dry ink flow, so I flossed the tines of the nib with nylon thread I had from quilting. It wrote very nicely then, with an even flow. Then I switched from Noodler's Blue to Aurora Black ink. Now it writes like my friend's expensive Waterman, just wet enough and very, very smooth.

I love the cobalt blue color and the silver barrel, and the pen's overall design is very attractive. I like how compact it is. I wish it could use a converter, but that's a tradeoff in a pen this compact.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pen a couple..., April 4, 2012
By ike...
I bought this pen a couple of years ago and have been very satisfied with it. The nib is smooth and lays down a fairly wet, fine-medium line, unlike many Japanese pens which tend to run to extra-fine. I used it in my planner/notebook and it never failed to write when needed. It was also beautifully made, and the cap slid smoothly and snugly over the barrel. It exudes quality. I refilled the cartridge with Waterman or Noodlers ink and never had a problem with flow.

My only caveat is that, because it's a mini pen, the barrel is narrow. But, it fits where others don't.

I'd happily buy it again and recommend it highly.
  I just recently got this..., August 14, 2013
I just recently got this pen, and I love it!
It looks beautiful, it writes beautiful, a little thick for my tastes, but, it writes like butter.
*WARNING* You -might- have to do a little bit of work on the nib.
  Loved the pen from the..., May 8, 2012
Loved the pen from the start. I wanted a small pen for my everyday carry and preferred something I would like and care for (so as not to lose it). It was my first fountain pen and so there was a learning curve, I couldnt write w it for a while and then discover i had accidentally bent one of the nibs but then simply bent it back and has been working like a watch ever since. My one drawback is that as part of my everyday carry it has been clipped to my pocket every day and after 8 months the clip has slightly bent out so that it slips out a bit every now and again when i sit down.
  I didn't actually buy..., April 19, 2012
I didn't actually buy this pen from jetpens, (because its been sold out forever) but this is a GREAT pen! I bought some blue kaweco ink and writing with it is a pleasure. Pros: Looks great, Compact, Good nib design, Easy to refill, Writes very well. My only con with this pen is that the cap is a little loose when posted and is easily removed or span around. other than that, Great pen! Highly recommend it.
  I've had an Ohto Tasche..., April 27, 2011
By ike...
I've had an Ohto Tasche fountain pen for a couple of years (from JetPens) and found it to be a reliable writer. It runs a little wet with the inks I usually use, which is fine by me. Instead of the extra-fine line one usually gets from most Japanese fine nibs, mine tends to write a little more like a medium, which I like. I used it in my notebook and it was always a reliable writer. Never had the skipping problems some others mentioned. When I uncapped it, even after days of non-use, it would start up every time. It's collapsed size makes it great for use in planners or small notebooks.

The only drawback for me is that it uses a short international cartridge because of its compact size, which means it has to be refilled fairly frequently, and can't take a converter. Other than that, it's a well-made, good performing pen in a super compact size.

I'd recommend it and buy it again.
  Don't buy this pen (or..., September 1, 2010
By llg...
Don't buy this pen (or any of the other colors of this pen). I've been reading other blog sites, and apparently, the ink delivery is either too much, or, as in my case, too little or none. Skipping seems to be a universal complaint.

I can't get this pen to write unless I press really hard, and write really slowly.

I'm very sorry I bought it. Would like to return it, if possible.
  Well I was wrong. Don't..., August 20, 2007
Well I was wrong.

Don't waste your cash on this pen. I absolutely LOVE the style, weight, size, feel... Heck I even like the way the nib looks. The only problem is this is one of the worst writing pens I have ever experienced. It lays down about a gallon of ink per stroke, which could be delt with by using watercolor paper I suppose, if it wasn't for the fact that it DOES NOT lay down even strokes... You would think that with this much ink going down you would have continuous lines. NOPE. What you get many times is a gap (read as NO INK) at the beginning and sometimes during strokes...

For those of you suckers (like myself) that love everything about this pen (except its writing ability!), I have found that if you write with the nib upside down (meaning that instead of writing normally with the metal part of the nib up and visible, write with the metal part of the nib facing the paper) you can get some of the gapping to stop... it also seems to quench SOME of the copious inkflow, so it is sortof possible to use standard higher quality paper... you will still need to allow time for drying... DON'T expect to be able to write a note quickly and stuff the paper in your pocket... that is unless:

a) you can read smear-glish, smear-ean, or smear-anese
b) you are wearing clothes that match/or are a complementary color of your ink choice

save your cash and buy a bunch of Pilot Petit1 pens... they are wonderful, but a lot thicker barreled than this pen...
The nib however is much thinner and is quite nice to write with... If this Ohto pen had a nib like the Petit1 it would be the PERFECT pen (for me)...
  Wow... this pen is cool! It..., August 3, 2007
Wow... this pen is cool!

It has a very well made metal body, beautiful all around. Perfect size/thickness for a pocket pen. The nib is thicker than I expected... i guess i was expecting something very thin like the Pilot petit1.

HOWEVER, when i first got the pen i noticed the same writing problems the other reviewers noted... I wasn't too happy about it... also the Ohto ink is pretty bad and uneven. The pen, for me, was unusable as it shipped to me (it's an ink problem as I detail below).

The good news is that I emptied & cleaned out a cartridge, cleaned all ink out of the pen, refilled the cartridge with Noodler's BlueBlack bulletproof ink, and VOILA! writes as smooth as a babies bum!

I must add that it no longer gaps and quits like with the OEM ink, but it still is a bit uneven in laying down ink... not a big deal really... I'm just stoked that a pen this cool and pocketable is usable again just by adding a different ink (which is an ink I prefer anyway)!!

So go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy one as long as you are willing to get rid of the Ohto inks!
  err, i dont know how..., May 9, 2006
err, i dont know how to edit, so in addition to my review i must note that the reason why, at the time of my review, the tasche wrote a little better at higher angles is because it ran out of ink.

After refilling it wrote alot smoother, just like the time i bought it. Also note that depending on the type of ink, you will see different qualities of smoothness and flow. Im currently using Sailor's black ink in it, which flows very smoothly, and before i was using Noodler's, which isn't as smooth.

It takes International size cartridges, which is nice, but it runs out really fast! so if you start having problems after a few pages... well you probably running out of ink.

You can also dump fountain pen ink right into the barrel and do away with all the cartridges, but do it over a sink and do it quickly, because if you dont close the cap TIGHTLY and Quickly, you will have ink flowing out the other end.
  Had this pen for a few..., May 4, 2006
Had this pen for a few months. For the price its a great deal. The major problem with it is that sometimes it skips. I think this is due to ink drying up in the nib when not in use. I think to solve this problem you can use a thinner ink. I tried some J. Herbin ink, and it flowed out well, maybe a little too well. but when i switched to Noodler's ink. it had a great deal of skipping when i first write.

Another problem i found to be true is that it is Slightly scratchy when you write fast. I think the problem arises from the angle of how you hold the pen. i found it least prone to scratch at higher angles (about 45-60 deg).

Also my friend finds that the smooth surface hard to grip, but i had no problems with it

Even though there are these problems, i think its a great pen. the nib is pretty smooth, and the flow is great. just some little quarks that is a bit annoying sometimes.
  I love compact pens,..., January 14, 2006
By arkpog
I love compact pens, and the design and execution of this one is excellent. Now, if it could only write well!

PROS: Really sleek design and fit of the body and cap. The thing is a pleasure to just open and close.

CONS: Something is wrong with the nib, the ink, or the combination of the two. When I write, I want the pen to mark the page from the moment I touch the paper with it. This one starts about 1/4" later, leaving either nothing, or some sort of sickly scratch as the first part of your first stroke. Once you start going, it's not bad, but don't stop making a line for more than a few seconds -- or you'll get that same ugly dry scratch again! Yuck!

Also, the ink that came with it takes considerable time to dry and is not even-colored throughout the line.

$20 NOT well spent!
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  this is cheaper than..., December 8, 2010
By yub...
this is cheaper than a mc donald's dollar menu. not even kiddin bro. bad 2 rite with