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  I have been using this..., April 29, 2012
By carole
I have been using this pen for a few months now, mainly writing in my Moleskine watercolor journal to annotate my sketches. I love the pink color and compact size of the pen--it fits neatly in my small watercolor sketch kit. It writes beautifully and reliably in response to a light touch. Too much pressure and it feels somewhat scratchy unless the paper is extremely smooth. I'm generally writing on generously sized, somewhat textured watercolor paper with it. It is fine on that with a light touch...I get a nice consistent line and ink flow whether I am writing cursively or in block letters. Here is an example page from my journal:

Recently, I refilled a cartridge with Noodler's Lexington Gray (using a syringe). It took some effort to flush out the original non-waterproof ink but once the Lex Gray started flowing through I finally had reasonably waterproof ink in my pen. That allows me to sketch in watercolor as usual and not worry that writing already in place may smear. And frankly, I feel the pen writes more smoothly with the Lex Gray than it does with its "native" cartridge ink.

The pen has stood up fairly well to my not-so-careful handling and frequent exposure to water, but it is worth noting that the words "Ohto Tasche" which are silkscreened onto the cap have partially flaked off. I'm not fussed about it (and didn't take any stars off) because my concern is mainly how well the pen writes and serves as a daily journaling tool. In that capacity it is great. Of course, if the pen were handled more carefully than I do mine, the paint flaking off might not be an issue.

If this pen were available with a medium nib, I would certainly buy it.
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  I bought this pink Ohto..., January 31, 2014
By kof...
I bought this pink Ohto Tasche to replace a silver one I'd owned for several years and then lost.

It is probably the most convenient pen I own since it closes into such a compact shape and fits perfectly into a pocket. The construction of the pen is solid and it is weighted nicely when posted. On the other hand, as several reviewers have pointed out, the nibs on the Tasche tend to be very hit or miss, and the ink it comes with is objectively TERRIBLE. If you're willing to try tuning the nib, however, it's a great cheap fountain pen.

Of note: although Ohto is a Japanese company, the 'fine' nib on this pen is MUCH closer to a medium than a fine, and writes with about the same thickness as a 0.7mm fiber tip pen.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Perfect and cute! I have..., November 3, 2011
Perfect and cute! I have no issues with pen skipping :D A good converter for this pen is the Monteverde Mini Converter.
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  Nice small pen. I bought..., February 24, 2014
Nice small pen. I bought this to show support during breast cancer month. The nib is smooth, BUT is not as fine as I was thinking it would be :(
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  This was my first Japanese..., December 12, 2013
This was my first Japanese fountain pen. I wanted to come back to fountain pens after leaving them for so long (My first was a Lamy Safari, medium nib, that my dad gifted to me) and since my handwriting has gotten quite small and neat over the years, I thought a fine nib would be right. Even though this pen didn't have the best of reviews, the price was good, and I liked the appearance.
For the price I paid, I'm very happy with it~ I love the colour and style. The nib, however, doesn't seem to really be a true "fine". It's either a very very wet fine, or a good medium... It makes my handwriting blur together a bit, since it's already small... I'm in search of a true fine nib that still looks good and is student priced ~ However, ink flow is very good, no scratching, and rarely any skipping.
I'd give it a 3.5, but since there's no half stars, I'll round up to a 4. I think it's an nice pen for beginning fountain users or people like me, returning to fountains after a long time.
  Although the description..., December 9, 2013
Although the description says "Fine", the pen I bought, is in fact a Medium point. When I bought it only medium was available.

It NEVER dries up, seriously. Sometimes I go up to a month without using it and it flows from the very first swipe on the paper.

Very lovely pink colour. I personally prefer to put the lid on to make it longer although it does get a big heavy at times.

Downfall, is that it is so smooth it sometimes slips between my fingers when writing.

A very good medium point but have now realised that I should have waited for the fine points to come into stock, which I believe they are now.
  OK, so I wrote my review..., April 23, 2013
By fas...
OK, so I wrote my review too soon about this pen. After tweaking it for a couple months, I finally got the pen to work. I'm not entirely sure what I did to make it write better, but now I really like this pen. Now it writes smoothly and doesn't skip. It is cheap, easy to carry around, and so far doesn't have any noticeable blemishes. If you can get your pen to work, it is worth the buy.
  This pen looks really..., October 16, 2012
By fas...
This pen looks really cool but it is not good quality at all. My cheap pilot varsity writes better than this pen. I can only get it to write properly for short amounts of time. It is extremely scratchy and skips a lot. I wouldn't buy this pen again, nor would I buy any other tasche products in the future. I am pretty disappointed with this purchase.
  Cute pen... is a bit..., November 24, 2011
Cute pen... is a bit scratchy but other than that it's great quality
  I read the reviews but..., August 2, 2011
By dre...
I read the reviews but was attracted to the design so decided to take a chance. I love it! I had no problem getting ink to flow. The nib functions properly and it writes very smoothly. I love the size-- I have small hands and enjoy a slimline pen. The pink is almost lavender-- lovely!
  ahh!!!! Essa caneta é..., September 30, 2010
By acl...
ahh!!!! Essa caneta é perfeita!!!Eu amo ela demais!! Simplesmente perfeita!!
  Like other reviewers,..., August 2, 2010
Like other reviewers, I couldn't get this to work properly either, sadly :-( It kept skipping, and I couldn't get it to produce a smooth line. I thought at fisrst it was the unusual ink color - red - but I dismissed that because I've put the same ink in many pens since and it's been just fine, and then I loaded this with some more commonplace ink and it still wouldn't play nice ;)

It's a real pity because it is really cute, the design is really cleaver - a full size pen in the hand, but in your pocket it's tiny - and the price is absolutely perfect.
  It is surely a nice looking..., April 6, 2010
It is surely a nice looking pen, good butter smooth nip. It appears to be about medium size nip; light weight, compact size, and good built quality. I guess I'm just one of those unlucky one... occasional overflow or not enough. Takes a little while for ink to flow when I stop using for about day or two. Ink flow issues are worse with OHTO ink; better with Sailor gentle ink series so far.
  I love this little fountain..., September 25, 2009
I love this little fountain pen. It writes smoothly, doesn't skip, is easy to carry around in a pocket and has a wonderfully thin line. I have plenty of other fountain pens that were a lot more expensive but for now, this is my favorite! Would recommend it to anyone.
  I purchased this pen..., June 24, 2009
I purchased this pen a little over a month ago, and it still works great. Despite being a Japanese pen, the nib seems to be German, so it writes a bit thicker then most other Japanese fountain pens. It writes as well as some of my other more expensive pens, notably my Sailors (Which I find strange that JetPens doesn't sell) and since most Sailors cost like hell you cant go wrong with a high quality $15 pen. I have already purchased a couple for my friends (who have never used fountain pens) and I intend to buy more in the future.
  I bought this pen to..., September 4, 2007
I bought this pen to fit in my day planner which is 4.75 inches tall. This pen fits great being only about 4 inches tall and I believe it would fit most standard pen loops in any planner. The pen writes really smoothly. I love how the cap makes it the size of a regular pen so it is easier to write with. It smooths the ink on in a thin enough layer that I don't have to wait for it to dry before closing my planner and so far it has not leaked in it's lid even though it is in my purse and carted around. The attractive and functional design of this pen as well as the reasonable price makes it a very good buy. I am very happy with it.
  This is the first fountain..., April 24, 2007
This is the first fountain pen I have ever purchased and not only is it beautiful, it writes like a dream. I would definitely give this as a gift. Great quality at a very affordable price!
  I bought this for my..., May 18, 2006
I bought this for my wife for her birthday. The pen is defective, whether by design or by accident I'm not sure. You can write for a bit, and then suddenly it stops writing. I am going to return it for exchange. I will post an update when I've had a chance to try the new one. It also does not write very smoothly, for a fountain pen. I've been very impressed by the Pilot Varsity. It writes smooth and has a lot of ink in it, which is good because it's disposable. I wanted something a little nicer for my wife. We'll see if this fills the bill.
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  This is really a cute..., August 1, 2012
By tin...
This is really a cute & tiny pen, I like this. But this is only good for writing Chinese or Japanese, not good for writing English.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  While the pen IS very..., January 4, 2011
By red...
While the pen IS very cute and would be lovely to sneak in to a purse or a pocket, I find that no matter what ink I put in it, it skips or dries up. All lines seem very faint, and only occasionally will it do the full line and the full darkness. I'm sad because I really loved it when it showed up. I'm hoping continued use might loosen it up a bit and make it more usable, as well as perhaps yet another ink brand change (on the 3rd so far). But it's too frustrating to use as is to recommend to anybody else.