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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this guy during..., September 10, 2011
I bought this guy during a long stint in Korea at one of the many Home Plus shopping centers because: 1. It looks really cool and folds down small, and 2. I write exclusively with fountain pens and collect them. I picked a few days before I left and decided to leave it in its packaging until I got home in the USA where I could unbox it and play with it.

The result with cheap ink and a stiff nib was something that was unwritable. I'm left handed, but my writing style rarely effects the flow of decent fountain pens--this guy had almost no ink come out of its extremely stiff nib. I handed it off to my brother who is right handed and he stated that it wrote well for him and that was that.

A month later, I noticed he was no longer using it and instead was stealing one of my other nice steel fountain pens. I asked him why, and he noted that the ink skipped--a lot. To the point where the pen was unusable in any environment. So I asked for it back to see what was going on.

Like other users have noted, the nib is so tight that little to no ink can flow through the nib without extreme amounts of pressure (and again this nib is very hard, so it will easily damage the paper underneath). The solution to this problem, like another reviewer stated is using a small piece of brass (you can use a very fine piece of steel to, or even a fine razor) to open the gap and customize the pen to your liking. Take the nib and press it against your work desk until the nib separates enough to stick whatever little thing you're using and let it rest on it. Keep doing it with various sizes, testing every step along the way until you get it right where you want it. If it's too much, just press the nib together and fold it over one another and BAM it's smaller.

It takes some time adjusting it right, but once it is done it's a decent writer for the price and style (seriously styling).

2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Not..., April 21, 2011
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Not usable out of the box, but if you don't mind a little tweaking a nifty little pen.
When it arrived I was disappointed. The line was very weak and skippy, like a used-up ballpoint, and I had to press on it to get it to write at all. If it had been a more expensive pen I would have sent it back but I decided "what the heck, maybe I can make it work".
After some research on FPN I figured out that the tines of the nib were adjusted too tightly, thus starving the point of ink. I used the same resource to find out how to "floss" the nib with a piece of .001" brass shim stock (I happened to have some, but it's available in most hardware stores). It took a little trial and error but now that I have the nib dialed in, it writes just fine even with the (underwhelming) factory ink.
PRO - I like the design, especially the compact size which fits right into my pocket or planner.
- If you don't mind tinkering with it a little, it's a fun little pen. Mine works fine now. If it had written this way out of the box I would have given it 4 stars.
CON - I docked the score because I had to work on it to make it usable at all, let alone "just right".
- The cap threads felt gritty; a tiny dab of petroleum jelly fixed that.
Although this is a mixed review, believe it or not I like the Tasche and will probably get another one. Now that I know what to do, tweaking a new Tasche would be a 5 minute job. For a $15 pen I don't mind doing a little tinkering, but YMMV.
Just don't expect this pen to be perfect out of the box.
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  This pen nib is well..., January 11, 2013
This pen nib is well into the medium size, and is somewhat scratchy to write with. OHTO ink is very watery and therefore flows well, but sometimes skips, and dry time is completely horrible. I did a smear test and it took 60 seconds to dry on paper from an Eccolo World Traveler notebook. On paper with great gain, like standard 3x5 cards, the ink was mostly dry in 15 seconds.

Because I am left handed, I have to take extreme care when writing with the OHTO ink. I tried to write three checks with this pen- Just say no to that! I'm going to try the different cartridges and see how it goes.

I did not have to adjust the nib, like other writers have.

I like the feel of the pen, which is very light. Weight is balanced towards the nib, slightly but not obtrusively. The compact nature of the pen is great for carrying in a jeans pocket.
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  I'm a very new convert..., October 26, 2012
By jen...
I'm a very new convert to fountain pens- I ordered this pen, and the Sailor Candy as my noob starters. I like the look of this pen, and the way it packs up so tiny. But it doesn't sit in my hand well, and the cap doesn't stay on tight when posted. The ink leaks and gets all over my hands, and the line isn't consistent (or, at least the nib isn't as forgiving as the Sailor and the ink skips quite a bit when not held perfectly.) I am sad, as I wanted this to be my in-purse-carry-around for a more professional look. I just don't want to think that hard about how I'm holding my pen.
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  I'd been coveting one..., May 3, 2012
By kof...
I'd been coveting one of these pens for awhile because they are super pretty but was wary of actually getting one because of all the subpar reviews. I ended up finally biting the bullet and getting one and have to say I'm actually pretty impressed. Like the previous reviewers have said, it's pretty much unusable out of the box, but if you bend the tines slightly the writing improves significantly. I will admit it took awhile to get it just right, but now it's one of my go to pens.
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  I couldn't do anything..., February 3, 2010
By reg...
I couldn't do anything to get it to write evenly, and gave up on it after about 1 hour of struggle. The pen is great to look at but using it is a horrible, frustrating experience.
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  I could not get this..., November 1, 2009
I could not get this pen to write. I tried everything that my limited knowledge allowed- such as changing the cartridge, squeezing the cartridge, and finally soaking the Nib. I can't get it to do more than scratch the paper with a faint line.
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  my feeling is very good..., October 25, 2009
my feeling is very good for thsi good shape and writing process is trendy.
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  People are noting that..., February 15, 2009
People are noting that with this pen there are inkflow problems. I initially fond this with mine, but upon inspection found that the feed and nib were ill-aligned. A small amount of pressure on the side of the nib with a fingertip was sufficient to adjust its positoning, and now it works beautifully. Rather than throwing it on the "broken pen" pile, please check and adjust this first.
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  I love the visual design..., June 30, 2008
I love the visual design and the nib has a nice feel, but I also had problems with skipping ink flow. I took the pen apart and washed the nib section thoroughly in case there had been some manufacturing oils still present. But still no luck. It sits in my "broken pen" pile now.
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  A very nice pen for a..., March 18, 2008
A very nice pen for a very nice deal of money. It's compact and very trendy. Perfect for students or professionals.
You wouldn't believe how smooth is to write with it. Plus the ink is very dark and of great quality.
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  This is a very cool looking..., January 24, 2008
This is a very cool looking pen. The body is extremely short and is impossible to write with unless you post the cap. Everything fits together extremely well, and the cap slides smoothly over a small o-ring on the body for a tight fit. The pen is balanced extremely well.

When I put the cartridge in the first time, the ink came out quickly, but suddenly after 3 lines of writing it just stopped. I could get it going again by giving the pen a vigorous shake, but that would only last for a few words or so.

I washed the section and nib in some very dilute soapy water and soaked it for a while, and now I've got ink flow again.

The nib is very smooth for such an inexpensive pen, but the ink feed is not great, as it takes a half stroke to start. If you're printing or writing Japanese/Chinese where you have to take the nib from the paper often, this can make the pen very frustrating at best and unusable at worst, but for English handwriting it's not too bad.

Overall I love the design, the look, the feel, and the nib, but because of the ink feed problem and slow starting I have to rate it overall as mediocre. I would like to try another one to see if I just got a bad one.
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  A fine tool. One of the..., June 7, 2006
By wdyasq
A fine tool. One of the smoothest writing pens 'out of the box' I have ever written with. It is hard to believe how good this pen is for the money.