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October 14, 2011
I have used this pencil...
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I have used this pencil for a couple of months. It is utterly unreliable, requiring constant disassembly to get the lead to advance. Every time I use it it jams, and it will not feed lead after only a few clicks. Using different leads, and cleaning out the mechanism, has not helped. It looks so nice, but it is completely useless for writing. Move along; there is nothing to see here.

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February 27, 2011
This is the worst I have...
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This is the worst I have ever used.. Jammed all the time.. never worked properly... I just threw it away with the money I spent on it....

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November 13, 2010
I'd just like to re-review...
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I'd just like to re-review this item.

As I said in the prior rating:
It is a beautiful pencil, loose design, and squeaky click mechanism.

Now after having using pencil for a more extensive period:
If we were rating on beauty only- this pencil would receive a 5-Star
If it were rated overall- it would be my new score: 3 stars.

The top half of the pencil (above the metal band in the center) rotates. Initially I enjoyed rotating it, but now it simply squeaks and it really irks me.
The click mechanism was initially reviewed as loose, and squeaky and I didn't mind. Now it bothers the hell out of me and feels like a weak pencil.


Now the biggest complaints:

The grip is just simply too much form, and no function. It's smooth metal, with no rivets or anything. No grip at all. It becomes uncomfortable after a short period of time, and it feels too thick compared to my normal preference to really enjoy. It feels... unnatural.

The feel of the writing just feels really... off. I can't explain. It feels like I'm hardly applying any pressure on the paper and my writing just looks a lot lighter/more faded than normal. From further examination, I've concluded it's the length of the tip of the pencil; it's simply not long enough and my angle of writing had become too high and the lead was not applying enough pressure.


Don't buy a pencil based on beauty alone. This was simply not the pencil for me.

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January 30, 2011
After buying this pencil,...
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After buying this pencil, I'm still searching for just the right mini pencil. One reviewer pointed it out, but I somehow missed this: You have to unscrew the ERASER cap to use the eraser. So if you're writing, make a mistake, and need to erase, you have to first pull the cap off the back of the pencil, AND THEN unscrew the eraser cap. Like I said - I'm still searching. It is beautiful though.

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October 29, 2010
Very nice pencil. Beautiful,...
Verified Purchase
Very nice pencil. Beautiful, sleek, (maybe minimal?) design.

It is a puny pencil when the cap is on, but average length when in use.

The mechanism may be a hit or miss with some users.

The bodies of the pencil (separated by the metal band in the center) are able to be spun, so it's not a solid design as you may expect. It's 'loose' as the other reviewer described, but I personally just enjoy spinning the pencil during class lectures to pass the time.

The eraser is concealed by a screw-on cap, and will be time consuming whenever an eraser is needed. I use a whole separate click eraser when needed, so it renders the con void (for me), and the flat top just looks very appealing.

The lead advance mechanism has a soft click, and when in use, the cap of the pencil does not securely 'click on' like how it does when used to conceal the tip. But that is unimportant, as it's still securely capped nonetheless.

Nit-picking aside, it's an amazing pencil.

December 3, 2009
This is a very nice pencil....
This is a very nice pencil. It would receive a 5 from me if it had a grip on it. Other than that, it is flawless, and I especially love the cap, so that it won't stab me.

August 11, 2009
Everything feels unnecessarily...
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Everything feels unnecessarily loose with this pencil -- the cap doesn't click in when in use, the cap spins around because the entire base it fits entirely around the lead advance mechanism, and you often end up advancing the lead when you put the cap back on to close it. And despite all this looseness, the eraser is locked up behind a screw-on cap!

Get the Pentel Sharp Kerry, which does everything better.

April 26, 2009
I bought this pencil...
Verified Purchase
I bought this pencil and I love it! I think that it is the best pencil ever and should be advertised. Here's my problem: In the picture, it looks like an averaged sized pencil. But when you get it, it is puny! That is the only reason I don't like this pencil, but I use this all the time.

January 13, 2009
I heard a lot about this...
I heard a lot about this little pencil and finally decided to get one for me. Wow!! this is one cute well made and functional pencil. Small size and smooth glossy finish. Nice to show off. The grip is just ok. The pencil lenght can be extended by attaching the cap at the back of pencil. This one is pocket safe due to the cap. I am impressed with the Ohto design and quality!!

October 11, 2008
This pencil is very well...
Verified Purchase
This pencil is very well made, and it feels like it is going to last me a long while. Though it seems that maybe it is only wrong with the pencil i got but the pipe above the grip always feels loose and when put into an extended pencil it doesn't feel in place the top always spins. This really isn't a bad thing just slightly bothered me, well in the end it is a very nice pencil and i very much enjoy it.