Ohto Tasche Needle-Point Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Silver Body

Ohto Tasche Needle-Point Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Silver Body

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The ingenious design of the Ohto Tasche allows one to carry it as a small compact pen when closed, but use it as a full sized pen when open. The slim pen measures approximately 4 inches when closed and 5.77 inches when in use with the cap posted. The pen line is available as a fountain pen, ceramic roller ball pen, needle-point pen, and mechanical pencil.

Pen dimensions: 102.1 mm (4.02 inches) closed, 146.6 mm (5.77 inches) with cap posted x 9.8 mm (0.4 inch) diameter. Weighs 14.5 g.

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Okay, I very rarely write...
September 22, 2008
Verified Purchase
Okay, I very rarely write reviews, but this pen prompted me to dust off my creative writing intuition. Also, let's say I am a pen aficionado. I own Mont Blanc (several), Cartier (well over $1000.00), Caran d'Ache, Pelikan, Underwood, Dunhill, Lamy, Cross, and an assortment of other pens and pencils. The Ohto Tasche Needle Point Ballpoint pen and the corresponding pencil are absolutely 100% phenomenal. I can't stand it when a pen is too thick, has that annoying nib that sits right in the middle of your index finger, isn't balanced, is too fragile or doesn't have quality appointments, and the refills are horrible . . . just to name a few pet peeves. I received this pen this afternoon, and it is quite frankly, OUTSTANDING (yes, I'm Shouting!). It will take Parker Gel Refills, Itoya Needle Point Gel Refills, and even Schmidt Capless rollerball refills. There are very few pens that can boast this feature. Also, when you port the cap, the rubber O-Ring accepts it and holds it in place nicely. No cap flopping around or falling off because of a poor pressure fit. The finish is excellent and the screw threads remind me of precision machinery. Ohto thought the Tasche line through before breaking out the metal, lathes, and thread taps.

Bravo Ohto. . .and Thank You Jet Pens for carrying this line. I'm sold.
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A bit disappointing....
January 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
A bit disappointing. Seems well made, but is larger and thicker than expected (I wouldn't carry it loose in pocket). The pen clicks quite a bit when writing, which is annoying, though the cartridge and spring look fine). I'm hoping it will grow on me in time.
This is the perfect pen...
April 20, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is the perfect pen for your purse or pocket. It's compact, though still with a quality weightiness, and the extension works perfectly to write like a full sized pen. I like carrying capped pens because they're more secure, and I always carry a ballpoint because they are more secure for writing checks. This fits the bill perfectly, and it's classy to boot.
Excellent craftesmanship,...
October 6, 2009
Verified Purchase
Excellent craftesmanship, ink writes smooth, no blotting or skipping. Extremely light and well balanced. However 0.7mm is a bit thick for my tastes and am eagerly awaitng it running out of ink.